Best weed apps of 2018

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:06 p.m. ET

In the age of constant app development, some of the latest cannabis market players have stepped up. Companies have started creating apps to make their technology more accessible in hopes of gaining a leg up on the competition. Whether you are looking for an educational app to help you browse marijuana strains, bake weed cookies or are looking for the closest and easiest way to buy some pot there is an app for that. Check out our list below.

Marijuana Apps for Educational Purposes

  1. Leafly Marijuana Reviews

This app is only available to Apple users and costs $1.99 to purchase but is well worth it. Currently accessible to anyone who lives in regions where recreational cannabis is legal. Leafly contains reviews on only lab tested strains and has the added medical feature for those who are seeking to treat a specific health condition. Because of their strict guidelines for anything featured they do have fewer strains than a few other apps on the list, but the results they post are by far the most reliable. They also have over 50000 customer reviews of marijuana dispensaries.

2.     The Stoners Handbook

Rely on fellow potheads to help you to learn some proper stoner etiquette. The Stoner’s Handbook is a set of rules that everyone who uses cannabis should know. The database allows users to add to or adjust to anything published. With an update of new pointers being posted every single day, you can keep up with the ever-changing do’s and don'ts of your fellow marijuana enthusiasts.

3.     PotBot Medical Marijuana

The PotBot is unique because it personalizes its recommendations for strains by allowing facetime with a PotBot certified clinician. This one is available for Apple and Android and is entirely free. Using the latest research PotBot specialists can assist you not only in the proper strain to use but also in dosing and where you can purchase it. They do it all. Hailed a lifesaver for medical marijuana users. If you are having a hard time accessing advice on your situation than this app is for you.

4.     Wikileaf

Wikileaf has such a massive database that its app takes up quite a bit of room. They have some tips and tricks for the best strains to use at different times of the day. They also cover not only necessary strain information but also personal reviews and medical expertise for those who are looking for a strain to treat a health issue.

5.     The Stoner’s Cookbook

Full of the broadest collection of THC infused recipes you will ever find in one place, The Stoner’s Cookbook covers everything including meals, alcohol, cold and hot drinks, fancy desserts, snacks, and more. The app’s dashboard also allows the user access to all the hottest marijuana topics including politics, health, technology, world news, and industry.

Best Weed Apps to Buy Weed

1.Leafly Dispensaries


Since Leafly is one of the largest chain dispensaries that functions only where it is legal to do so, they have created a user-friendly app that allows the user to search by location, strain, or price, with many different sites that offer delivery. If you’d like to order your weed as quickly as you order a pizza than give this one a try. While areas are currently somewhat limited, they do expect to expand as licensing is given out in each region.

2. WeedMaps

The Weedmaps app uses the same technology utilized by Google to pinpoint your location. This allows the app to filter any given results showing the closest to you first. The only storefronts and delivery service options that currently exist on weed maps are in areas that marijuana is now legal for medicinal use. We all know the most reliable way to choose a good supplier is through word of mouth. This app contains well over 25000 user reviews on every service listed. They also have a separate section for personal reviews of some of the most popular strains. Including average prices and accessibility, this app has the most user-friendly interface available for those looking to score a little green.

3. High There

While this one isn’t a traditional dispensary finding app, it does connect you to other stoners in your area. Whether you’re looking for hookups with a girl or some bud, this neat app can connect you with other like-minded individuals who just might have what you’re looking for. Since it’s so new, there may not be a ton of listings in your area yet, but its popularity is spreading like wildfire with the number one goal of connecting stoners everywhere.

4. Wikileaf

This one had to be on the list twice. It is the most useful weed app out there. Wikileaf can work off of either your GPS location or a typed in address or postal code. They will use your area to find all the nearest cannabis dispensaries to you and then displays them on an easy to read map for you to select from. Wikileaf so far has covered both legal and illegal dispensaries but displays that pertinent information for its users to see clearly. Ge instantly connected with a delivery driver near you or get directions to travel yourself. Finding pot has never been so easy.

5. AuroraMj

This app caters to licensed medical marijuana users only with their focus being on offering affordable medication for those who need it most. AuroraMj contains a database of over 200 strains that are grown and used in the making of Aurora products. They also offer exclusive compassion pricing for those who are in their delivery areas that can prove a financial need and the lowest prices possible even for those who can’t. With a wide selection of both CBD and THC strains and information on the specific benefits of each one. Aurora’s app lists storefronts and also provides a delivery option for those who live in their servicing area.

Who's to say what cool new and innovative apps might come out in the future, but one on the top of our Wishlist would be a "what weed is this app" that could identify the strain the camera on a phone is looking at and give information regarding it. A weed recognition app if you will.

Hopefully this list was helpful to you in finding some apps to aid you in your marijuana use, as always, be responsible and happy toking!



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