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Published Jun 1, 2019 12:09 p.m. ET
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Have you heard about the latest and greatest game that is dedicated to growing marijuana, learning new cultivation and training skills, and actively influencing local laws in a virtual world called Weedcraft? Marijuana enthusiasts all over the world have been amazed at the depth, the uniqueness, and the realness that Weedinc Inc. has to offer. If you have yet to see it for yourself and are wondering what all the noise has been about, scroll on down to see a little bit about why Weed Inc. is winning the hearts of millions of fans with a technologically advanced platform.

Weedcraft release date

The long-awaited cannabis industry game was finally released on April 17 in 2019.

Just a few of the unique features players can expect from Weedcraft Inc.

  • Cultivate, crossbreed, nourish, harvest and sell hundreds of different marijuana strains
  • Manage and hire your very own staff to work in your grow operation.
  • Get judged on your marijuana strains quality, including potency, aesthetics, and yield.
  • Get rich while building an empire from the local cannabis industry.
  • Manage the production and distribution of legal marijuana through your marijuana dispensary as well as less legitimate means.
  • Help to remove, alter, and create brand new laws that can influence your virtual towns local cannabis industry.
  • Meet and interact with legendary cannabis advocates and government officials who are pro-pot in real life.
  • Beat the other competition in the cannabis industry.
  • Experience thousands of relatable scenarios, including medicinal patients, and more stereotypical recreational consumers.

Which social media platforms have banned Weedcraft incorporated so far?

Most avid gamers watched the trailer for the game within hours of its release. The ironic part is that the feature is currently being hosted by YouTube, a platform that has taken a stance against any users showing the content of the game. So far both YouTube and Facebook have entirely banned any footage of the games, which came as a significant disappointment to YouTubers who were hoping to feature some of the various levels on their channels for the world to see. Both websites maintain strict content controls, filters, and community guidelines, which explicitly prohibit the encouragement of cannabis use or sales by users. Any posts found to violate this rule will be removed and potentially banned. It seems there will be very little exposure for any of the cannabis industry on either platform until America legalizes marijuana use at the federal level.

If you're seeking a gaming experience that offers a unique view into the cultural and financial aspects of the cannabis industry check out Weedcraft Inc.

Where to buy Weedcraft Inc.

If you are seeking a gaming experience that offers a unique view into the cultural, political, and financial aspects of the active cannabis industry in America right now than you are going to need to head over to www.steam.com, you can purchase the rights to download one copy of the game onto your PC for CAD 22.79. Right now, only the full PC version is available, with android app access expected in the very near future.

Available languages

Weed. Inc. comes in a total of seven supported languages, including English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.



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