A review of Strawberry Diesel 99 indoor flower by SOVEREIGN

Published Oct 5, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
Christal Chronic / Cannabis.Wiki

There is nothing more exciting to me than digging into a strawberry cultivar that I haven’t yet tried, so when I came across SOVEREIGN’s Strawberry Diesel indoor flower by Seven Leaf Med, I couldn’t resist the urge to dive right in, and I wasn’t at all disappointed with the results. All it took was a quick pull on the bag, to release a powerful burst of aroma that was good enough to make my mouth water with anticipation.


Upon first glance, it’s not hard to see that this is a trichome-covered treat, complete with the sparkle and shine – indicators of potency. Its medium-sized buds are dense and decorated with numerous bright orange pistils to complete the look that somehow screams high-quality flower. Even with the tiniest sugar leaves intact, these nugs are a wonderful sight to behold for both new and experienced consumers.

Cannabinoid content

Strawberry Diesel 99 is a heavy-hitting, high THC cultivar, boasting 5.08mg per gram. For those seeking a more balanced cannabinoid combination, this one might not be it, but it’s an excellent choice for medical patients as well as those with a higher tolerance who are seeking a more elevated experience.


The smell of Strawberry Diesel is one you’ll remember for life, with a sweet but powerful berry aroma, thanks to high concentrations of several delicious terpenes such as trans-Caryophyllene, farnesene, and alpha-humulene. With gassy undertones that are both subtle and distinct, it’s a wonderful combination for those who truly enjoy the natural and stronger scents so often associated with “good” cannabis.



Now, this is where I was most impressed, as the first toke drifted across my tongue, delivering some of the most intense berry flavours paired with hints of the diesel taste I know and love so intimately. Typically, diesel, gas, and skunk are harsher, and this one does come with a bit of a bite, but the sweetness counteracted the bitterness, offering a smooth, easy-to-smoke combination of genetics.


This cultivar is one that should be taken seriously, with full body effects that begin in the head before working their way down to your toes. Luckily, there’s something about the terpenes within that deliver a calming and yet invigorating rush that’s perfect when you’re looking for a creative boost or a calm night-in watching television.  These sensations linger significantly longer than many other diesel strains, with a gentle softening of the high over the next few hours that doesn’t leave you feeling couch locked or sedated. For that reason, it’s a great daytime choice for experienced users and the perfect solution if you’re looking for a way to unwind at the end of the night, without falling asleep.

About SOVEREIGN  and Strawberry Diesel 99

SOVEREIGN is an indigenous brand producing products cultivated on indigenous lands, and Strawberry Diesel 99 was created by Brothers Grimm, an inductee of the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, and a world-renowned cultivator. With hand-picked products, grown indoors, as naturally and organically as possible, before being hand-picked, it’s easy to see why  SOVEREIGN is one of the leading indigenous cannabis growers in Canada.

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