5 Sparkly cannabis grinders that she’s guaranteed to love

Published Aug 23, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Have you ever had a good friend that presented you with a beautiful bud of your favourite cannabis strain?  It' s dense, it's lovely, and it is really hard to pull apart, but your scissors are not in your bag, so what is the best option? Nothing works better than a sparkly weed grinder. A grinder will make your rolling experience a dream. No longer will there be lumps in your joint or rips in your rolling papers. Since diamonds are a girls' best friend both as a rock and a strain of weed, why not look at some sparkly diamond-looking cannabis grinders that are available today?

1. Glitter Grinder

This beautiful item is eye-catching, and it will keep you mesmerized for a while. The beautiful four-piece design includes a three-chamber set up to permit the comfortable grinding and storage of pollen. This one is the perfect size for girls who are looking for a travel grinder. Included are magnets to enable the sealing of the top and also included is a polymer O-Ring.

2. Herb Grinder Pink Weed Leaf Glitter

This sparkling 55mm portable grinder comes in 4 pieces, and as a bonus, you'll find a handy cleaning tool. The excellent quality cannabis accessory is heavy and grinds your bud perfectly every time.

3. Girly Herb Grinder

The holographic sparling herb leaf is displayed prestigiously on a beautiful pink brushed grinder. This is a four-piece set including grinder, pollen catchment tray, screen, and a scraper. The magnetic closing lid keeps everything in place and secure, and the Girly Herb Grinder is about two inches wide which is the perfect size for any girl.

4. Pink Leaf girly Herb Grinder


If you are not sure about the grinder's size that feels best in your hands, there is no need to worry, as this grinder comes in two sizes. Both 2.6 inches and 2 inches in diameter are available. The handmade gorgeous sparkly weed grinder is manufactured from an epoxy resin. The golden bell grinders, the pollen collector, the magnet, and the glitter make this a “yes please “when you’re looking for a well-made sparkly grinder for the woman in your life.

5. Diamond Frog Tobacco Herb Grinder Multi-Color Alloy

Enjoy this beautiful 50mm by 63mm cannabis accessory, which comes in a variety of colours including yellow, blue, green, black, and red. It’s a total of sixty-three millimeters in height and 45mm in diameter, which makes this a perfect size grinder for a lady. For the lady who loves green, this sparkling frog embossed grinder will be an ideal addition to their cannabis accessories.

Final thoughts

Grinders are a necessary accessory for the fully equipped cannabis smoker to possess. The styles are numerous, and for those ladies who like that added sparkle, why not look for one of the mentioned sparkly grinders. There are two main reasons for grinding your weed. We want to have an even playing field because your bud needs to be evenly broken up. This process is necessary for an even solid burn in your bowl or a rolled joint.

The weed’s trichomes will be heated this way evenly, and you will be provided with as much goodness as the plant has to offer. Remember that prettiness and shiny looks do not always represent the best grinder out there. However, you should also remember to never over grind your herb as it will produce harsher hits. So, even though you may like a pretty grinder, its best to choose one that is not judged only by its sparkly cover.

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