5 reasons why you should try cannabis lipstick and balms

Published Feb 28, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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If you are here, then chances are you’ve gotten lost at least once or twice among the rows of different makeup brands in a store. Browsing through such a vast selection can be intimidating, frustrating, and confusing because it is really hard to tell what's going to work, and which ones will be a complete waste of money. Lipstick and lip balm make up a good chunk of the never-ending cosmetics aisles, and while most of them all look the same, there's a new player in town that stands out above the rest.

Most cannabis enthusiasts are excited about access to smokable products, but few have yet to notice the difference that this exciting and new industry can make in the world. Weed derivatives of all sorts that go far beyond your average pot brownie are hitting the market every single day, and one of the most unique that we’ve seen so far is cannabis lip products like lipstick and balms.

It might sound a little strange at first, but no, cannabis lipstick is not about getting stoned during your beauty routine. Instead, these products are infused with a little green for some of the many benefits that it can provide for the skin. Since we all want healthy, glowing skin that feels great, and in the middle of winter that can be hard to maintain, we thought it’d be the perfect time to pull out a list of five reasons why you should try some for yourself.

1. Moisturize and soothe cracked or dry lips

Since cannabis lipstick and lip balm are infused by adding oil that is filled with cannabinoids, it offers a fair dose of moisturizing benefits thanks to the natural fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are found within, but that’s not all. The best lipstick benefit that you will ever experience is in the relief of pain, which can be caused by cracked, extremely dry, or damaged lips.

That way, you can feel better, while you are patiently waiting to heal, and it will aid in softening the damaged skin so that your recovery time is even faster. For those who don’t have dry lips, pre-emptively using this cannabis oil lipstick can help you to avoid ever having to deal with them altogether. Either way, it’s a win-win situation, and you will be left with soft lips that are well protected from natural elements like the sun or wind.

2. Reduce inflammation

One of CBD’s biggest and most famous superpowers is its ability to reduce inflammation. It can reach down into the depths of joints and soothe stiffness and circulatory issues in arthritis sufferers, but it can be just as useful on the skin, for treating a unique group of symptoms. Whether you suffer from acne, cold sores, or burned lips from exposure to the wind or sun, cannabis lipstick can help to reduce the swelling, pain, and look of damaged lips.

3. Antibacterial properties


We don’t tend to view our own beauty products as something that could pose a risk to our health, but the truth is that makeup of all sorts, especially those that come into contact with our mouths and eyes, are completely full of bacteria after just a few uses. This is the reason why most beauty shops will often use a separate accessory than the one that comes with a product to apply it in a demonstration for a customer.

Now, your lipstick or balm isn’t going to be passed around like a big fat joint, but even if you are the only one that uses it, chances are it’s going to be covered in germs in no time. Luckily, cannabis oil can help to prevent that thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, which means that these beauty products are going to last longer and reduce some of the risks that are associated with reusing makeup.

4. Stimulate healing

As all of the aforementioned benefits work together to speed up healing, other forces are at play, as what you can see is often only half of the battle. Cannabis lipstick is filled with cannabinoids that can help to stimulate blood flow, regulate the release of natural chemicals in the brain, and it feels and smells great too, providing relief for both your mental and physical wellbeing all through one single topical product.

5. You don’t have to sacrifice color choice or quality

If you are wondering how they turn a bright green plant into any kind of suitable
lipstick mixtures, then you need to realize that the cannabis oil is what’s used to infuse it, and it is typically clear with a minor tint of yellow. That means that the sky is still the limit when it comes to selecting the most vibrant and unique colors, and if you can't find anything pre-manufactured that you like, then you can go a step further and delve into the world of DIY lipstick recipes to design your own from scratch in no time.

Cannabis infused lip balm and lipstick recipes


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