10 Unique character themed bongs, vape pens and weed pipes

Published Apr 6, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Though colorful marijuana smoking, dabbing, or vaping devices can be fun and functional, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit more of a personalized experience. Here are ten neat pop culture themed pieces that feature some of the most popular animated characters in the world that you can buy right now for under $200 in Canada, either online or in your local head shop or vape shop.

1. Pickle Rick Weed Pipe
Cost: $52.38
If you are a fan of the epic mini cartoon series Rick and Morty than you will love this Pickle Rick weed pipe. An ode to the adventurous duo is this unique transparent, and pocket-sized glass marijuana pipe that is made using a straight tube chamber and heat resist colors that will glow in the dark.

Where to buy: www.etsy.com

2. Goofy Water Bong
Cost: $25
Love yourself a little bit of goofy? Tired of your old bongs? Check out this hand painted beaker style water bong that sports a unique and one of a kind design with a red eyed Goofy smiling in his traditional stance of hands on hip. This mini bong boasts a tiny 9mm stem and stands 56 centimeters high.

Where to buy: http://m.globalsources.com

3. Adventure Time Mini Rig
Cost: $120
Featuring the ever lovable rainbow colored unicorn from a distant land who fell in love and had children with Jake, resulting in adorable babies that are also added here. This 19 inch tall dab rig is hand crafted and comes equipped with a quartz nail for perfect high or low temperature dabs every time.

Where to buy: https://empireglassworks.com

4. Superhero Vape Pens
Cost: $30
If you are more into comic book superheroes than regular cartoons than these vape pens are for you. With five options to choose from including Batman, Captain America, Ironman, Superman, or Spiderman logos on both the base and decorated tips. Each one comes equipped with a removable and replaceable tank with a unique end piece designed to match the base. These vape pens can be used for dry flower, marijuana concentrates, or vape juices and are rechargeable in under 30 mins which provides up to 12 hours of use.

Where to buy: www.voomvape.com

5. Minion Marijuana Pipe
Cost: $42.95
A newer animated favorite is the minions who become slaves to their evil master that wants to steal and pillage. Going so far as to adopt two orphans who go an an incredible adventure with their bouncy yellow friends who ultimately save the world as they know it. The pipe features Ditto AKA Dave who is known for his love of comfort foods. This mini glass marijuana pocket pipe measure 4.25 inches long and is perfect for travel.

Where to buy: https://brotherswithglass.com


6. Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Dab Rig
Cost: $150
If you love Monsters Incorporated and are fond of the cute and chubby green monster named Mike Wazowski who is Sully’s sidekick on his adventure to return the human invader home than this one’s for you. This dab rig is now a collector piece, and no longer made, but they frequently pop up on resell website for a fair price. The rig itself looks like the tall snake monster who was always thwarting their plans to return her, and the base where the stems insert is Mike with his big eye wide open. Choose to use a traditional bowl, banger, or nail in this multipurpose dab rig perfect for pros and beginners alike.

Where to buy: www.ebay.com

7. Hello Kitty Water Pipe and Perc
Cost: $100
A little something for the ladies who prefer a little pink in their glassware is this multipurpose Hello Kitty perc bong that can be used for dabbing or smoking marijuana bud, concentrates, or dabs. This bong features three separate chambers and removable parts to do any job you could ever need to comply with cannabis derived products. It’s completely transparent and has a light pink hue to the mouthpiece and base for a feminine touch that isn’t too much. The face of Hello Kitty is hand painted using heat resistant color on the base to preserve the look through years of use.

Where to buy: https://m.globalsources.com

8. BeeMo Adventure Hand Pipe
Cost: $49.99
This weed pipe is designed by Chameleon Glass located in Arizona who ships almost anywhere in the world. Go on your own adventure with a sidekick BeeMo the adorable little robot from adventure time who is always ready to fearlessly save the day. It measures a super small 3 inches long and is the perfect weed pipe for anyone on the go.

Where to buy: https://brotherswithglass.com

9. Custom Superhero Vape Pen
Cost: $70
If you are in search of a wide selection of your favorite superhero character than look no further. These personalize-able vape pens come equipped with charger, tank, and e-liquid which is a stellar deal. Choose from a wide selection of bases that include Joker, Batman, Superman, Captain America, The Avengers, and The Flash. Then go on to select a favorite jointing color piece of either gold, blue, black, silver, or red, and a tank that suits your style with three different colors green, orange, and transparent. The result is a unique piece that’s been designed by you.
Where to buy: www.thehunt.com

10. Mario Mushroom Carb Cap
Cost: $79.99
Though it isn’t quite an entire device on its own, with dab rigs being so expensive, it can often be a more feasible option to look at accessories for your dab rigs than it is to buy a new one. This carb cap features a well-done 3D green life mushroom from the Mario Brothers that is sure to feel nostalgic for the ’80s and 90’s babies who grew up with Nintendo as their first piece of technology and introduction into the gaming world. This quartz cap is excellent for holding in heat and looks adorable too.

Where to buy: www.empireglass.com



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