10 Great places to eat after smoking marijuana in Ontario

Published Jun 21, 2019 09:11 a.m. ET
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Do munchies make you gain weight? Well, if you dare try all the delicious venues on this list, you will surely find out! Now that marijuana use is legal in Canada, we are here to bring you ten fantastic places that are perfect for enjoying the effects of weed, while staying within the limits of the province. Whether you are seeking out a venue that will allow you to toke with your meal, or prefer a wild and physically challenging experience, we’ve got you covered.

1. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower - Toronto

There is nothing more exhilarating than taking in the big city from 350 meters in the air. In the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario is the world-famous CN Tower, and at the very top is a 5-star restaurant that offers one of the most elegant dining experiences paired with a once in a lifetime panoramic bird’s eye view of the GTA and the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Though you won’t find any green available here, Toronto is home to over six licensed dispensaries, two of which are the perfect distance away to purchase a spliff and enjoy it on the way over.

2. Fourteen Restaurant and Sky Lounge - Windsor

This unique restaurant with separate lounge area is open from Tuesday to Saturday and offers one of the most sophisticated experiences of any other on this list. The lounge features a panoramic view of both downtown and riverfront along the borders of Detroit and offers a broad selection of seasonally changing cuisine so no two visits will taste the same! If you are seeking an unforgettable lunch or dinner experience that pairs nicely with the effects of weed, then you might want to stop by for a visit.

3. Hamilton Vape - Hamilton

Located right on Main Street in Hamilton, Ontario is the Hamilton Vape Lounge,which is open seven days a week, with a focus on late evening hours. This location features several cannabis strains to choose from, vaporizers for rent, bar seating and more intimate booth options, video games to play, and thousands of marijuana accessories including the iconic volcano vaporizers making it the perfect dinner option for stoners who want to consume cannabis indoors while relaxing with other like-minded folks.

4. Bonnechere Caves - Eganville

This limited time experience is the perfect excursion to fully enjoy a buzz while dining on some of the best-known weed munchies like fries, poutines, or burgers. For those who are looking for a more elegant cuisine, options like spaghetti, lasagna, or steak they have those and many other exciting options to choose from. For 55 years now, the Bonnechere Caves have hosted events and meals in an underground tunnel-shaped beautifully by mother nature herself. Though it sounds a bit dreary, the staff and decor make the entire experience breathtaking and inviting. So much so, that by the time you are ready to leave, you might even forget that your underground!

5.  Bransterdam Cafe and Lounge - Brantford

If you are looking to enjoy the effects of weed while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, or your favorite weed munchies like muffins, cookies, and so much more, than you might want to swing by Bransterdam Cafe and Lounge. Here you will find various strains of marijuana, pool tables, snacks, live entertainment, good music, indoor vaping, one free gram for first time customers, and a comfortable lounge and bar type seating. There is a little bit of something for everyone here, in downtown Brantford Ontario.

6. Skylon Tower - Niagara Falls


Though this one might sound similar to Toronto’s 360 restaurant, the most significant difference is the view and the height at which you can view it. The SkylonTower sits 775 feet in the air directly above the falls, and the experience is paired with fine dining options including hearty meat mains, salads, other sides, and the most elegant desserts like the world-famous triple decker chocolate cheesecake. The elevated height is said to enhance the effects of weed, and the slow 360 spin is an exciting sensation that is most definitely one of a kind.

7. North Beach Bar and Grill - North York

We all know that the effects of weed can help to sooth and sometimes will make you lazy, so if you are thinking about hitting up this spot be sure to come equipped with a more energetic marijuana strain. This location features two full sized volleyball courts complete with sand to offer guests the feel of visiting a lovely hot beach at any time of the year. Check out their wide selection of stereotypical weed munchies like chips, hot dogs, fries, and burgers, or jump right in and play a competitive game with either some of your friends or teams that are arranged after signing up. This means you can come alone, or with a group of pals and enjoy your visit to the fullest no matter what.

8. Higher Limits Cannabis Lounge - Windsor

This establishment is BYOW (bring your weed), but what they do offer makes up for the lack of freely available green. The Higher Limits Lounge costs five dollars to enter, but once inside, you can whip out your favorite strain, rigs, and accessories and enjoy the rest of the night for free. There are of course pay per use options like rental rigs, weed munchies, and drinks, and so much entertainment including old school video games, newer consoles, a Wi-Fi connection, and free live show most nights. Mingle with both new and old cannabis consumers, and enjoy the delicious menu, including sandwiches, soups, pizza, and fries.

9. Lock 21 - Peterborough

This spot is perfect for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts and offers a tour of the National Historical Site. Your experience will begin with a friendly introduction to your tour guide, who will take you on the most educational and soothing canoe ride down the canal to reach the hydraulic lift chamber. From there, the rest of the trip focuses on the natural picturesque landscapes and location specific species, as you make your way towards the tunnels. Once the canoes are docked. The trek underground through a series of staircases and tunnels begins. At the end of the downward spiral, you will find yourself inside of a beautifully lit and inviting formal dining room, which is where you will enjoy a five-star dining experience in the most intimate underground setting in all of Canada.

10. Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre - Elora

This facility is located at the Grand River Raceway and offers a genuinely unique dine in an experience that includes live performances daily by actors and musicians, three course meals including six different dessert options, all of which is serves up hot in an old school lighthouse. The best part is that entertainment is always evolving and changing, which means that no two visits will be quite the same. Check out an entirely new lineup each season with ticket prices that cover all your potential expenses, which makes planning a family adventure on a budget that much easier.

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