10 Great gift ideas for cannabis growers

Published Jun 21, 2019 11:20 a.m. ET
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If you have a hard to shop for person on your list, it can be challenging to find a suitable gift that will be both meaningful and useful for the giftee. One of the first things you should do with this sort of purchase is to look at the hobbies and interests of the person you are trying to buy for. This makes it slightly easier to narrow down potential solutions to this age-old problem.

Cannabis growers are one of those people, as they pour their heart, soul, and every ounce of spare time into perfecting their crop, so many don’t have regular activities or hobbies aside from growing marijuana that they take part in. This can make it especially tricky for gift buyers who don’t know very much about the practice of growing marijuana to find the perfect gift. Now, if your friend or family member is a licensed producer, these ideas might not be ideal, but for those small-scale growers, these ten cannabis related ideas are spot on.

1. Toronto Cannabis Seeds

Cost: $40-$100

Even if your small-scale growing friend or family member already has a crop in, there is no better gift than high-quality marijuana seeds. If you are looking for a local seed supplier that offers some of the best deal, quality, and freebies with every single order, then you might want to check out Toronto Cannabis Seeds. With affordable options to suit any taste and budget, including auto-flowering, Indica, Sativa, and world-famous hybrid strains to choose from, you might even want to pick up a pack for yourself.

Where to purchase marijuana seeds: https://torontocannabisseeds.com

2. Giardino Garden Planter

Cost: $50

This gift idea is perfect for both new and inexperienced marijuana growers, as it’s a window system that is advertised for herb, and excellent for cannabis plants. The Umbra system features a self-regulating watering system that is designed to allow excess water to escape, which avoids annoying issues with pooling water and root rot. The best part is that it’s affordable and requires no lighting system when used either outdoors or on a windowsill.

Where to purchase a Giardino Garden window planter: www.chapters.indigo.ca

3. Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle

Cost: $129.99

Included in this kit is a bottle of bacteria called VooDoo Juice along with side four stage-specific nutrients that are perfect for every single stage of growth. The Big Bud nutrient line has been designed to increase yield, boost bud size, and promote a more efficient nutrient intake, which results in healthier plants. This kit is enough to enable anyone who is growing marijuana to balance ph. Levels using all-natural ingredients and absolutely no chemicals.

Where to purchase an Advanced Nutrients bundle: www.amazon.ca

4. Boundless CFX dry herb vaporizer

Cost: $239.99

Chances are, if you know someone who is into growing marijuana, they would likely benefit from a healthy alternative for consuming it. This dry herb vaporizer is at the top of its class and features an incredibly affordable price point when compared to similar models on the market by other brands. The CFX is portable and includes a full range temperature control which can be monitored on the large LCD screen which is mounted into the handle. Some other unique features are a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery, stealth mode which can darken the light pollution from the screen and help to conserve power, and a suction action sensor that makes it, so you don’t even have to push a button to heat it. Simply press your lips to the mouthpiece and vape away.

Where to purchase a CFX dry herb vaporizer: https://namastevapes.ca

5. Grow Lights Canada Fusion Hut

Cost: $199

If you are shopping for someone who has been growing marijuana in an open room that could benefit from the additional heat, smell, and humidity control that a grow tent can offer than this model might be just what you have been looking for. The fusion Hut is a 2-in-1 dual chamber grow tent which offers a separate area including lighting that can be placed on its timer for new clones or seedlings, while still providing the necessities of life for the more mature plants that have yet to be harvested. This model measures 5x4x6 is made of heavy-duty fireproof materials and comes with an easy clip-on system for your lighting of choice. Though it doesn’t come with any light fixtures, this can allow the individual to use ones that they already have around and change it out whenever they please in the future.

Where to purchase a Fusion Hut: www.growlights.ca


6. Nutri+ Dagda Nutrient Grow

Cost: $30.95

Everyone plans well in advance when it comes to choosing the perfect seeds, lights, and pot, but an aspect that is frequently overlooked when people are growing marijuana is the quality of the soil. Since the growing medium that you choose will be the base and home where your cannabis plants will draw all their nutrients from, it is important to start with sterilized and nutrient-dense soil. This formula is designed to prevent root spiraling, nutrient saturation, and is well suited for any type of environment.

Where to purchase soil for growing marijuana: https://indoorgrowingcanada.com

7. Magical Butter Extraction Machine

Cost: $249

If you are gift buying for someone, who is already growing marijuana, then they will also have plenty of excess leaf materials after each harvest that can be made into potent and delicious cannabutter, and that’s not all. With this machine, your friend will have the option to make cannabis-infused butter, tincture, oil, and more. This model comes equipped with some pretty unique features including five temperature settings, easy one push button startup, and minimal clean up ever required. This is one of the most enjoyable, efficient, and simple ways to use up marijuana leaf trimmings with no hassle and no chemicals.

Where to purchase a Magical Butter machine: www.trimleaf.ca

8. Ontario Cannabis Store Tweed marijuana seeds

Cost: $60

The very first legal vendors of cannabis seeds have now released a couple of their most popular products on Canadian government websites like the Ontario Cannabis Store. Unfortunately, there are only two Indica strains to choose from right now, but both the Baker Street and Argyle seeds packs are filled with four high-quality feminized marijuana seeds that are guaranteed to produce a tasty and fruitful yield.

Where to purchase OCS marijuana seeds: www.ocs.ca

9. Bubble Bag Plant Essence Extractor

Cost: $295

This Bubble Bag Extractor machine is a powerful option that takes all of the work out of creating a potent bubble bag hash. Normally, you would require a bubble bag set alongside several other tools like buckets and strainers for a process that can take quite a while to complete. This extractor comes with one set of washable and reusable bags, 1 storage pouch, and a machine that comes with a five-year warranty. This device is upgraded from last years model that had trouble with draining, and its got all the customers raving.

Where to purchase a Bubble Bag machine: www.bubblebag.com

10. Grow Daddy Propagation Starter Bundle

Cost: $159.99

If you are looking for a little something extra to go along with a pack of marijuana seeds, or if the person you are buying for already has some strong mother plants in the works with cloning planned in the near future, then this propagation starter bundle offers everything they could need. Each kit contains one Nanodome, one preinstalled T-5 light, 1 root radiance heating pad, 7 grams of Remo roots rooting compound, 1o precision cloning scalpels, and your choice of either Rapid Rooter or Rockwool.

Where to purchase a propagation starter bundle: https://growdaddycanada.com

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