10 Cannabis strains that are great for avid readers

Published May 15, 2019 11:53 a.m. ET
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Recreational weed gets a bad rap for making you tired, groggy, and unmotivated, but the truth is that there are many creative professionals who utilize cannabinoids in a way that benefits their careers and hobbies. One of the most important things most readers want is the ability to be comfortable, soothed, and relaxed without drifting off into a deep slumber. A little boost to the imagination can do wonders, particularly for fiction fans who want to truly imagine being front and center with the characters in their favorite story books. Some cannabis strains can offer the therapeutic benefits of a hearty dose of THC, while also keeping those who consume it alert, creative, and inspired. If you are a book lover who is looking for the perfect strains to try out before curling up in a comfy spot to enjoy some new adventure, then you have come to the right place. Here is our list of the top ten cannabis strains for readers and other creative hobbyists and people alike.

1. Blue Dream
Type: 50/50 hybrid
THC content: 18%
Terpenes profile: Sweet, lavender, berry, grape, and blueberry.
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, and creative.

2. Sour Diesel
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%
Terpenes profile: Diesel, pungent, skunk, and earthy.
Effects: Uplifted, happy, relaxed, and energetic, euphoric.

3. Gorilla Glue
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 28%
Terpenes profile: Sweet, sour, earthy, chocolate, coffee, skunk, and pungent.
Effects: Euphoric, sedated, relaxed, and happy.

4. True OG
Type: Indica
THC content: 24%
Terpenes profile: Earthy, pine, and sweet.
Effects: Happy, relaxed, euphoric, creative, focused and uplifted.

5. Green Punch
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 20%
Terpenes profile: Orange, citrus, berry, and grape.
Effects: Relaxed, creative, focused, energetic, happy, and euphoric.

6. OG Kush
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%
Terpenes profile: Fruity, pine, and citrus.
Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, and creative.

7. Lemon Shining Silver Haze
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 21%
Terpenes profile: Earthy, pungent, citrus, skunky, candy, and sweet.
Effects: Euphoric, focused, happy, focused, and relaxed.


Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 24%
Terpenes profile: Earthy, citrus, smoky, and woody.
Effects: Uplifted, happy, energetic, focused, and euphoric.

9. Green Crack
Type: 50/50 hybrid
THC content: 22%
Terpenes profile: Earthy, sweet, lemon, citrus, and candy.
Effects: Euphoric, focused, uplifted, energetic, and happy.

10. Royal Jack
Type: Ruderalis, sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 16%
Terpenes profile: Spicy, herbal, earthy, and pepper.
Effects: Happy, uplifted, energetic, uplifted, and euphoric.

Benefits of marijuana for readers

If you are wondering how consuming cannabis can help you to enjoy activities that require focus, awareness, and creativity than you are not alone. A lot of people don’t realize the amazing benefits that marijuana can provide, as the stereotype of stoners is the opposite of attentive and alert. The truth is that there are hundreds of cannabis strains out there that might hurt your experience, but there are just as many that offer a lighter, more energetic high that can help you by melting away the stresses from a long day, while also boosting your energy levels. Those with terpenes like limonene which is a citrus based component produced by marijuana plants, lower levels of THC, and Sativa genetics can often give you the chance to unwind without completely shutting off to the world.

You should always remember that not all cannabis strains will give you the same results as what’s posted here. This is because cannabinoids are absorbed and utilized differently by every single person, so it is impossible to predict the exact effect that any one person might experience. This article is meant only as a guideline for recommendations based on the personal experiences of thousands of marijuana consumers all around the world. If you are new to marijuana use or have a lower than average tolerance than to stay alert, you might want to start with strains that have lower amounts of THC. THC is the psychoactive element in cannabis plant’s that creates the euphoric high that recreational weed consumers seek. It can be an effective relaxant, and helpful tool, but can also be overwhelming when ingested in more substantial amounts. Always start small with one joint, or one bowl of a low THC strain, and slowly work your way up to keep from crashing unexpectedly. Unless of course, you have plenty of experience, in which case, you can enjoy just as much of them just as you normally would when using your regular strains.

Do you know of any other great cannabis strains that work well with an activity like reading? If so, we would love to hear from you. Let us know about your own experiences.



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