Weed VR is coming to Canada in 2019

Published Apr 15, 2019 11:46 a.m. ET

With marijuana use now legal, a brand-new industry has been sprung, and with it came the introduction of high-tech dispensaries right across Canada. A quick look through some of the most cannabis dispensary central locations in Ontario shows a consistent theme, and that is the integration of technology to offer a more formal experience to customers. Most sport features like tablets, projectors, and other unique tools that allow visitors a unique and user-friendly experience that keeps them coming back for more. With the Canadian government still maintaining a monopoly and control over weed strains availability and prices, it is critical that these shops take every move they can think of to convince as many buyers as possible from the black market to switch to controlled and licensed cannabis. These aren’t your typical grungy looking heads shops and are geared towards a more formal and elegant approach to marijuana use and education.

Now that cannabis dispensaries have become the norm in most regions, several companies have been researching the most effective ways of combining technology with their current business models. Now Biome Grow is purchasing Weed Virtual Reality from Occupied VR which is a leader in their industry which is developing successful VR solutions for companies all over the globe. This is an exciting time for cannabis dispensary owners who will now have access to a brand-new tool. Customers are excited about the latest announcement, but Weed Virtual Reality isn’t a video game like so many seem to be assuming. Local head shops are not entering the gaming industry and are not starting arcades in their lobbies. The purpose of Weed VR is to help simplify the buying and consuming experience for customers that are brand new to marijuana use, or those who are trying to treat specific medical conditions.

What is weed virtual reality?

Weed VR launched for the first time on April 20, 2017, as a tool to revolutionize marijuana dispensaries in countries that permit the legal sale of cannabis. It is a virtual platform for growers, vendors, and customers that can be used in recreational, medical, and promotional use. The program contains a library of hundreds of weed strains including how the effects of each one are, what symptoms they might be useful for, and other helpful information like lifespan for growing and cannabinoid contents. With Weed VR you can delve right into the history of each type of cannabis and get more comfortable with the idea of using dispensary products for whatever your personal needs may be. Those who interact with the system that have a specific diagnosis will enjoy a custom experience filled with educational information and weed strains that are ideal for their particular conditions symptoms. Though it sounds like a virtual library, there is plenty for graphics to soak in. Like the incredible collection of 3 dimensional buds and plants that can be viewed even better than a real cannabis plant, with options like microscopic zoom for a truly up close and personal experience.


When will Canadians get to try weed VR?

Though the program is complete, there are still some finishing touches to be put in place before the public will have access to Weed VR. Biome’s most recent announcement included a date of April 25, 2019, which is when the company officially gains control over the platform. Unfortunately, there is no official release date yet, but interested Canadians can sign up to be part of the beta version by visiting www.weedvr.com/. So far all we know for sure is that Biome has promised it’s complete release before the end of 2019 which means that customers should be offered the experience by 2020.  



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