New study shows that marijuana can be used to motivate and keep you active

Published May 29, 2019 09:11 a.m. ET
Credit: takoburito

For years now, the typical stoner stereotypes have included a long list of coma-inducing qualities that are often believed to be the only possible effects from marijuana use. Though many cannabis strains will provide a more intense couch locked sensation that can make you lazy or sleep, there are also certain types that can and will have the opposite effect. If you check out almost any online strain guide, you will generally find a list of expected sensations. One of them might be uplifted or energized, and both indicate the ability to get you off of the couch and attacking your to-do list for the day. Though it might be hard to believe, there has been plenty of cannabis research to back this up. One of which was released in 2019 and the results might just shock you.

The study

The study examined 605 individuals who all admitted to using cannabis on their beliefs and attitudes towards marijuana use with exercise. All the included participants were adults over 19 years of age, and each one was questioned on their enjoyment of an activity, motivation to work out, recovery time from exercise, and cannabis use either before or after physical exertion.

The results

Since this particular cannabis research was so in-depth, we thought it might be easier to show you highlights from the surveys released results in jot point form. Here are all the researcher's findings, including both the good and the bad.

  • 81% of the participants from the study endorsed marijuana use with exercise, and nearly all of those who had a positive association were under 30 and 3x more likely to be male.
  • Those who endorsed cannabis use and physical activity exercised an average of five minutes more per day.
  • In addition to more exercise, those who approved of marijuana use and exercise also reported a higher level of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from doing so.
  • Only half of those who chose to use cannabis with physical activity reported a heightened sense of motivation.
  • Nearly all of those with a positive affiliation with marijuana use and exercise reported a hastened healing process after a workout or injury.

Why the mixed results?

Not all cannabis strains are created equally. Every single type of marijuana will provide a different number of cannabinoids as well as its unique terpene profile. Both aspects are crucial to the way that marijuana effects might be felt by a consumer. The possibilities go even deeper when you begin to consider how a particular strain might affect you since not everyone will respond the same way to one type.

How to use cannabis to stay motivated and active

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds of marijuana strains out there that are known for providing more energetic effects; the trick is to find the one that will work for you. Your best bet is to search for a strain that is known for producing your desired effects and experimenting with small doses to see if it works. Have you ever heard the old saying too much of a good thing? That is one that holds true cannabis, as even the most motivating types of cannabis will put you to sleep if you take too much of it. Stick with micro doses to start either before or after a workout to see if marijuana use can help you to keep moving.



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