Latest cutting-edge tech for cannabis use

Published Feb 16, 2019 10:31 p.m. ET

For medical cannabis business, the technology for providing accurate, precise dosing has really improved. The technology used in 3D printing for instance, has proven very beneficial.

The MannaBotOne (MB1) is one of the premier 3D printers that’s dedication is to the manufacturing of marijuana extracts. It produces transdermal medical skin patches. The transdermal patch provides these benefits to the user:

• The machines capacity to print transdermal patches that are compatible with THC, CBD, and CBN.
• Fresh transdermal patches can be printed avoiding issues with shelf life not being a problem. The flexibility that this provides benefits the customer with ensuring the product is guaranteed fresh.
• Dosing is automated, and dosing strengths range from 10 – 35 mg

This method of medicating for medical marijuana users is relatively new, although transdermal patches have been used in the medical field for years.

The advantage of medicating in this manner is how the extract enters the bloodstream immediately providing the correct and monitored dose every time.

Let’s look at the weed technology that is out there for our benefit.

Delivery of our cannabis has proven to be an intricate part of the cannabis market.

These apps offer fast and efficient delivery. Apps like Eaze and Greenrush in the states are on top of the medical marijuana delivery industry. These app-based companies’ partner with the top dispensaries, hire drivers and assist in coordinating the deliveries.


The social network has a prime position in the weed technology field. MassRoots fills one of those positions. This publicly traded company offers its users the ability to log onto their mobile devices and search for dispensaries and find people to partake with them. This company offers a platform for online delivery as well as menu updates.

CannaKorp has produced the pot-based vaporizer system. You will use it the same way as using the popular coffee pods technology. You will pop in a pod, press the button and inhale the vapors.

Seedo has a fully automated home growing unit, a controlled device about the size of a small fridge, operated by an app. You watch your plants grow with the assistance of an HD camera that monitors what is going on inside the cabinet. You will not need to open the cabinet after planting the seed until its harvest time. This is all monitored and viewed on your phone app. Perfect for the DIY person.

Research technology into concentration extraction of the cannabinoids is ongoing in the perfection of producing the best products that are consistent in their result.

As we move forward in weed technology, we can’t forget the forward movement in the banking part of this industry. Here is where Bitcoin steps in. Companies like POSaBIT were establishing a method for consumers and dispensaries to use bitcoin. Bitcoin was used in the past to purchase illegal drugs. The marijuana industry was holding on to hope that bitcoin would be beneficial in promoting the legitimacy of the industry. However, bitcoin crashed, Canada is now ready to become a prime destination for Bitcoin mining.  The coupling of Bitcoin and the marijuana industry into all aspects of the business is moving forward. The partnership of major licensed producers and retail distributors and the addition of the government regulators are all promising aspects of the budding Bitcoin business.

Weed technology is inviting and moving at a fast pace, who knows where it might go. We might soon be able to connect to Weed VR, where we can be high inside a VR setting or we might get some new products as a result of concentrate extraction research. Whatever the future holds, I can’t wait! Remember, indulge responsibly and enjoy!



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