How some thieves are using drones to steal cannabis

Published Jan 3, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Since the legalization of cannabis, the cannabis industry has been more successful than ever. It is constantly growing and capturing the interests of many people. Sad to say, some of these people are not only well-wishers but also thieves.

The cannabis industry has improved its viability with the use of technology but so have criminals. They say technology may make life easier, but it shouldn’t make the lives of criminals easier. The cannabis industry is quite profitable, and so there are thieves who plot and are plotting ways to get a piece of the fortune.


Did you know that thieves can use technology to steal just about anything they want? Well, we know that technology can have a positive and negative impact on the lives of people, depending on how it is used. One such technology is called a drone. It is a new technology on the scene. It is shaped somewhat like a mini helicopter. This is the reason it may be called a quadcopter. It can fly over-head, far distances with the aid of programmable remote control and a camera.

Cannabis thieves

It has been reported that there are some concerns regarding the use of drones to steal cannabis that is grown outdoors. It is no secret that before legalization, at least one Senator was contemplating the possibility of cannabis being stolen with the use of drones. Senator Ratna Omidvar made his concern known to the Senate after a businessman brought the matter to his concern.

The possibility that cannabis may be stolen using drones is very real. With such a high technology like drones could be used to surveillance the area where the cannabis is grown. The surveillance footage can provide thieves with the information they need to launch out and steal cannabis.

You may ask, how is this even possible? It is possible because growing pot outdoors has always been the norm and even more with the legalization of cannabis. Growing pot outdoors has its benefits, and producers of cannabis are prepared to seize such benefits. Despite the benefits of growing weed plant outdoors, there is an unwanted effect. Planting weed outdoors makes it vulnerable to the likes of thefts.


Cannabis thieves in the UK

The use of drones to steal cannabis is more than a possibility. So even though drones have been used by producers to surveillance and watch over crops, it is used by some people to spy out weed plants. Thieves in the United Kingdom have already committed an unpleasant act.

The use of drones to steal cannabis is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. A group of criminals have started using the drones to commit illegal acts, and they are proud of their clever mind. A newspaper in England called Halesowen News reported that one of the drone criminals gave the newspaper company a small insight into how they managed to accomplish what they have thus far.

The thieves bragged that it was easy to pull off, considering that it is easy to purchase a drone and operate it. The thieves even made their acts seem less cruel by comparing themselves to other types of thieves. They claim that they are only using the drones to steal cannabis but not to steal valuables in peoples’ homes.

What’s next?

Interestingly, the use of drones to do such an act could open up doors for more illegal activities and so government officials have to be wary. Therefore, the Canadian, like any other government, must be vigilant and put measures in place to prevent such acts from taking place.

Theft of cannabis plants is it now a problem in Canada


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