Canadian scientists map cannabis genome

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:42 p.m. ET

 The latest break through in Canadian science news, a group of scientists from the University of Toronto has published the full map of the cannabis genome. This resource will be beneficial in the high-quality breeding of any plant. It will be the foundation of quality breeding. This is something that all cannabis crop growers will greatly benefit from.

The Evolution of Cannabis

During the evolution of cannabis, researchers believe that a “junk” DNA was left on the plant’s genome by viruses millions of years ago. This is the genes responsible for the kick of the cannabis plant. This virus is responsible for the ability to produce those two chemicals.

This discovery will be beneficial in manipulating levels of THC and CBD in the plant to better accommodate what preferences the customer wants. The fine tuning of the strain will be beneficial for recreational and medicinal cannabis both, going forward. For a gene to be manipulated, you must know first where it is located.  This will determine the potency of different strains of cannabis.

This knowledge holds great promise for products high CBD levels to be used as a substitute for opioids. The THC and CBD chemical have proven to have substantial roles in the management of pain. This can be only positive information in the battle of opioid addictions.

What does genome mapping mean for the future of the Cannabis Plant

The genome marijuana mapping will be very helpful in the combat of the miss-use of opioids. Marijuana informed health providers who're patients have been prescribed opioids are suggesting that the use of cannabis has reduced the needed dose significantly. The patient is now able to reduce the toxic dosage of the medicine. The side effects obviously are reduced. Some of these side effects include constipation, drowsiness and vomiting, and nausea. Choosing the correct strain and having the assistance of a medical professional should be taken seriously for the change in medication to be safe.


The future is wide open for the development of attributes to the strains that we want now that we have marijuana genome mapping to use to our advantage.

Here are some strains that cannabis genome mapping can produce and now tweak to entice your senses and to activate that salivating anticipation of enjoyment.

Cat Piss:

This is a sativa dominant strain that produces a cerebral high and a pungent smell. There is no couch lock here. You will experience feelings of positivity and happiness. You may need to go shopping at the snack shop. This strain is known for attracting the munchies. Perhaps now that the cannabis genome mapping has been published this characteristic of the strain can be altered, just a thought for those that love the effects but can’t stop munching.

Poochie Love:

Oh my, the wonderful, powerful euphoric feelings are great. Great for a busy,productive day ahead. The earthy herbal scent might be what entices you to this strain. If not, then who knows maybe the marijuana genome will be adjusted thanks to the University of Toronto for providing us with this amazing scientific discovery.



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