Recipe for the ultimate Canadian cannabis maple marijuana candy

Published Jun 11, 2019 09:40 a.m. ET
Credit: MikeyGen73

This cannabis recipes is a delightful sticky treat. It really is the perfect cannabis recipe for a truly Canadian experience. Canada produces about 70% of the worlds’ pure maple syrup today, most of this originates in Quebec. Where better than to make and enjoy the Canadian inspired maple marijuana infused candy, than in the snow-covered mountains of Quebec, Canada.

Equipment needed for Canadian cannabis-infused delicious maple syrup candy for adults.

• Maple syrup
• Cheesecloth
• 6 grams of cannabis
• Popsicle sticks
• Candy thermometer
• Crockpot
• Mason jar
• Grinder
• Cookie sheet
• Small Pot
• Silicone spatula

The basis for all edibles containing marijuana is a weed that has been decarboxylated. There are many processes to achieving this. The compounds from the marijuana plant need to be heated gently for them to become active and useful for our edibles.

Preheat oven to 200F

  1. Spread your coarsely ground weed on to the cookie sheet
  2. Place in oven, occasionally stirring, when light golden brown, remove from the oven
  3. Use your cheesecloth to hold the weed in a packet like a holder; the cheesecloth can be tied off with using the ends of the cloth to seal the pouch
  4. Place the pouch in the mason jar
  5. Fill the jar with maple syrup, and shake the jar to ensure the maple syrup is covering all of the cheesecloth packets
  6. Turn the crockpot on low and put the mason jar inside of the crock pot for about six hours
  7. Remove the mason jar and cannabis packet from crock pot, squeeze the packet of syrup weed into the jar and discard the packet
  8. You now have your weed-infused maple syrup

Now we will move on to the THC edible candy making part of the recipe. This recipe can also be used to make CBD candy. The process is similar only using CBD oil in the maple syrup instead of a marijuana pouch.


Place the infused syrup into a small pan on the stove top and heat to 235 degrees for about five or six minutes. A toffee and candy consistency is required for the perfect result.

Credit: MikeyGen73

Take your pot outside to the clean white packed down snow, that you prepared, and pour your pots content in lines on the snow. Use your Popsicle sticks to press down and wind the hard candy onto your stick. Finish with sprinkling some seasonings on top of the candy. May I suggest a nice peppery or salty flavoring enhance the flavor of your maple infused THC edible or perhaps you choose to make you candy medicinal and the CBD candy, will be used in the treatment of numerous medical ailments including but not limited to:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Acne
• Heart disease
• Pain
• Cancer treatment side-effects
• Muscle spasms

When using CBD candy, there will be no high effect experience. Not like the use of THC edibles that can provide an enjoyable psychoactive ride for those that are looking for a recreational high. The rules for edibles applies here for an enjoyable experience:

• Go low
• Go slow
• Be responsible
• Enjoy!

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