How to juice raw cannabis leaves

Published Mar 10, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET

How to make marijuana juice

Step 1 - Fan leaves with the stems removed
Step 2 - Blend them after rinsing well
Step 3 - About a cup of distilled water totally pure
Step 4 - Liquify your contents in the blender
Step 5 - Strain and enjoy

This is the bare basics of marijuana juice. I will leave it to you to fine-tune the juice to your taste. This recipe has no additives to it, so it’s perfect if you are juicing cannabis for health reasons. If you need a less distinctive taste, try to add some fresh fruit. The addition of young fresh organic carrots will enhance the juice. Your taste buds will enjoy a sweeter tasting marijuana juice.

Let’s go a step further in different ways that we can use our marijuana leaves for a healthy edible drink.

Juicing hemp leaves into fresh fruit smoothies

You can make your nutritionally complete food source smoothie by using the fan leaves from the plant. Juicing is a way of using the whole plant and wasting nothing.  You can store your marijuana juice in a tightly sealed container for up to three days in the fridge.

Try adding chopped peaches sliced bananas a little bit of honey and some milk in the blender with your marijuana leaves, pulse and then liquify. Pour into a nice chilled glass, and you have a wonderful nutritious cannabis smoothie.

Here are some tips I like to remember when juicing, make sure you are using fresh produce, do not use dried herb that you would use for smoking. You will probably need to grow your plants to be able to harvest the amount you will need. Or have a good neighbor who grows the herb also.

Daily, try to consume about 15 big leaves and throw in a couple of buds too. It is suggested that for the best healthy beneficial effects, try to drink this marijuana juice three times a day. At no time will you experience a “high” feeling from using your cannabis this way. THC the part of the cannabis plant responsible for that feeling needs to be decarboxylated (heated) before any psychoactive qualities of THC are released.


Male or female

This is where the male plant gets to shine. The male plant is not wanted for the average marijuana grower. They do not produce buds; the sought-after flower of the cannabis plant. However,when it comes to juicing the marijuana plant, the male species are just great. They will be utilized just the same as the sought after the female; I suggest not to use the bigger leaves or, the thicker stalks. This will avoid a bitter taste to your juice.

The seeds from the marijuana plant are full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals along with amino acids.

When juicing any green leafy vegetable including cannabis, the antioxidant minerals are extracted. All the vitamins mineral and other parts of the plant are beneficial to the healthy diet lifestyle that is juicing incorporates.

Juicing the plant will help in soothing the pain associated with everyday wear and tear on our bodies. This plant contains high levels of anthocyanins a non-narcotic effective pain reliever

Try to pick a strain that will address any of your ailments. You will not get high.

The body will thank you for this healthy form of using the blessed plant. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

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