Cannabis infused sandwiches

Published Feb 23, 2019 02:32 p.m. ET

How do you like the idea of a cannabis infused sandwich? Great idea right? If you like a sub-sandwich, I’m going to tell you how to prepare a delicious one.

First, we need to make our canna-infused olive oil.

These instructions will make a couple of cups of infused oil;

• 2 ½ cups of virgin mild-tasting oil (I prefer to use the mild-tasting oil, but you can use the regular heavy-duty oil if you prefer
• 1 ounce of decarboxylated dried herb
• About eight cups of water

The water helps to render the final product less green, and the flavor is less earthy. The end color of the oil has no bearing on the potency of the cannabis oil.

You will be adding the herb the oil and the water to slow cooker. Keep the temperature on low avoid boiling. Continue this for 5 hours. Straining comes next, use the cheesecloth over a glass bowl to assist you with this step. Discard the plant matter. You can use a handy kitchen gadget like a gravy separator to separate the oil from the water. You are done, store your oil in a cool, dark area

Let’s begin to build a beautiful and delicious marijuana sandwich.

Cannabis infused sub sandwich

Ingredients needed for the sandwich
• Fresh sandwich size whole wheat roll
• Balsamic vinegar
• Cannabis infused olive oil
• Red onions
• Ham
• Mortadella cheese
• Salami
• Capicola
• Provolone cheese
• Seasoned salt/pepper
• Lettuce
• Onions


Instruction on building your cannabis infused sub roll

The roll will be sliced in half. You can remove some of the roll from the inside of one of the halves. Now start building. I prefer to start with vegetables, put them in the little hollowed out side of the bun. I use the infused oil and the balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over my vegetables. Now add the meat and cheese in alternatelayers. Season your sandwich to taste.

Another sandwich I enjoy is the age old grilled cheese sandwich, with a twist. I like it with a little cannabis infusion, an adults only weed sandwich. This crispy hot gooey sandwich can fill that space in your belly. At the same time, it will provide a fantastic pain-free euphoric science. Perfect, what more could you ask for.

Here is my recipe:

Cannabis infused grilled cheese

  1. Cannabis infused coconut oil
  2. Cheese of your choice, I like a great pepper jack cheese and mix it with an old cheddar cheese
  3. Seasonings to taste, garlic powder salt/pepper
  4. Bacon, this is just a bonus to my sandwich, if you eat meat this is the way to go it is delicious

Method for making this sandwich:
• First oil both sides of your bread, I prefer the healthy all grain bread, but the choice is yours
• I now put some of the garlic powder salt/pepper on my bread.
• The stove is set at a medium heat, and to the pan, I add a little-infused oil
• I assemble the sandwich on the counter start with the bottom piece of bread add your cheese, and if you like now you can add the crispy bacon that you cooked earlier
• You are now ready to put the sandwich in the pan that you have on med/low heat.
• Flip the sandwich after about 2 min or when the bread has become crispy and turned a beautiful golden color, do the same on the other side.
• Serve with some julienne carrots and celery sticks.

These are just a couple of my favorite marijuana sandwiches. Nothing better than binge-watching your favorite show and a delicious sandwich, enjoy!

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