Pairing the "Cheese" strain with cheese

Published Feb 21, 2019 01:10 p.m. ET
What can be better than greeting the morning with a fresh bagel loaded with your home-made canna-cream cheese? 

Here is what you need to make that energetic smile be on your face every morning as you spread your marijuana cheese onto your freshly toasted bagel. This is a fresh start to the day before you head of to work.  Be careful to pick an energetic strain that will keep you focused and uplifted, and ready for the day.

Here is a list of the utensils that you will need to get.
• 1 large saucepan
• Strainer
• Cheesecloth
• Blender
• 1 ounce of your finest bud finely ground
• 1 gallon of organic whole milk
• 1 quart of cultured buttermilk
• ½ teaspoonful salt
• Candy thermometer

Now let’s move on to the preparation of your delicious cannabis infused cheese.

  1. Combine both of the milk products in the saucepan. Next, add the finely ground best bud to the mixture. Cook the mixture on a medium heat stove top, stir the mixture occasionally.

  2. The mixture must reach a heat of 170 degrees, fluctuating to 175 degrees. This temperature must be maintained for 15 minutes.

  3. Next, you remove the mixture from the heat and strain through the cheesecloth to remove the plant matter.

  4. The milk is now returned to the saucepan. In 15 minutes or so the mixture should separate.

  5. Take your strainer and line it with the cheesecloth and put it inside a large bowl, set it aside. Now pour the mixture through your strainer, you will be collecting the curds. You can discard the left-over milk. You may choose to keep this for another recipe you have.

  • Gently rest your curds that are in the strainer at room temperature. Let them rest for about 3 hours on the countertop.

  • Now we will take our curds from the cheesecloth and put them in the blender. This is when we add the salt, to taste. Blend your curds till they are smooth and creamy. You are now done and have a wonderful cannabis infused cream cheese. Store in the refrigerator.

  • Let’s look at a strain of weed that seems like it would work well with your cannabis infused cheese. Ironically it goes by the name of Cheese: the taste of full-bodied cheddar cheese is instantly bought to mind. This indica-dominant strain will fool you. It hits quick and hard. The heavy numbing body high may lead to increased appetite. Look out for that pulling couch lock that can appear with the sedating indica effect.

    This strain originated in the United Kingdom. A common use for this indica-dominated strain has been to alleviate pain. Anxiety and depression are addressed and are settled to manageable or even nonexistence.

    For those that have a problem with their appetite. Food perhaps is not appealing perhaps due to nausea can be assured that this strain will increase the appetite.

    I’m thinking about the ideal combination for cannabis infused cheese for tonight, spreading it on a toasty piece of French bread might just be on the agenda for tonight. Enjoy Responsibly!

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