Are plastic bongs safe?

Published Feb 15, 2019 12:21 p.m. ET
Is smoking out of a plastic bottle bad for your health? 

Most of us have used a plastic bottle for a bong at some time.  It was probably when you were sitting at home with nothing but the things you have in your household to use as a bong. A plastic bottle seemed great at the time. We now know that the inhalation of plastic is dangerous and unhealthy, besides spoiling the taste of our bud. There are toxic gases being inhaled into our lungs.

However, if you choose to use the plastic bottle, here are the steps to make a basic plastic bong.

  1. Clean a 16 oz water bottle, remove lid it will not be needed
  2. Cut yourself a square of heavy-duty foil; this will be used for the bowl
  3. Take the foil and use it to cover the top of the bottle, where the cap would be
  4. Use a sewing needle or pin and poke a few maybe 5-6 holes in the foil bowl
  5. Moving on we will punch a hole on the side of the bottle, just above the label. This will be where your mouth goes. You could carefully use scissors to enlarge the hole, be careful not to split the plastic bottle
  6. OK, let’s pack the bowl
  7. Get your lighter ready
  8. You are going to light the bowl and at the same time cover the hole with your mouth, let the smoke fill the bottle
  9. Gently inhale and enjoy

In general, any form of plastic is bad for smoking on a number of levels. The plastic may not burn, butthat’s another problem, just the heating of the plastic will release chemicals, and those will do harm to your lungs. The use of water in your bong may help with the harshness of the smoke, but when usedwith the plastic you are really only making the toxins feel better on your throat and lungs. Sorry, but it is just a gentler way of intaking the toxins. There are many alternative substances for you to use that will not have the same negative effects that plastic will.

Bongs are the tool that enables us to inhale and hold the smoke for longer. This very process increases the damage to the lungs. The risk of respiratory diseases like emphysema and asthma are increased. That hacking cough that can accompany the process is not desirable either.

Alternative Bong Material


When purchasing your bong, materials are abundant. I suggest shopping around and research the material that your bong is manufactured from. I prefer glass bongs, they are healthier than plastic or acrylic and in terms of attachments and add-ons are far superior. Look for a thicker glass; this is usually scientific glass. Here are some of my favorite bongs.

• Percolator Bongs: This style is perfect for spreading out the bubbles and ensuring that the smoke is circulated through the water. The glass filter that is suspended in the water chamber allows this process and is great at filtering any toxic substances. Oh, and don’t forget the wonderful cooling effect.
• Bubbler Bong: The bong and pipe make this a hybrid. It is a portable horizontal option. It has a drop-down water chamber. This enables the smoke to cool. Just don’t be too greedy and pull too hard, you may be swallowing the water. Be gentle my friend.

The question remains, are plastic bongs safe? I think not my friend, but it is a personal choice. The health concerns are evident. Whatever method you choose to appreciate the herb, do it safely, enjoy!

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