How Donald Trump effects federal marijuana legalization

Published Mar 28, 2019 12:42 p.m. ET
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The United States has faced its fair share of controversy as of late over their current president Donald Trump and his antics that have earned him loyal followers as well as enemies. With such bold tactics like shutting down the government not only once, but twice to obtain funding for his promised border wall shows that regardless of how you feel about Mr. Trump, he is willing to go to any lengths necessary to get done what he believes needs to be accomplished. That is exactly why Trump's opinion on federal marijuana legalization and hemp legalization is so important to anyone who is hoping to see the US government legalize marijuana in the next year or two.

Trump and marijuana

Donald Trump has flip-flopped back and forth on his opinions shared with the public regarding cannabis on any level for several years now. He has openly admitted to prior use while also referring to certain regions like Colorado who has fully legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use as a complete and total failure and a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. Quite the contrast to his earlier interview from 1990 where Trump told O’Reilly with the Miami Herald that the only way to win the war on drugs would be to legalize marijuana. So, which is it? Well, we aren’t exactly sure yet.

Trump’s opinion on federal marijuana legalization for recreational use

Donald Trump has never taken any official stance of federal marijuana legalization. Though the states that have chosen to go ahead and make cannabis legal have his fullest support, he claims to be a firm believer in the individual states maintaining control over such regulations. Citing their knowledge of any particular area and its inhabitant are best understood by its leaders. Thisimplies that Trump is highly unlikely to legalize marijuana on a Federal level and likely won’t be pushing for 420 friendlies and their right to access the same substance their neighbors next door can have delivered legally. Marijuana Policy Project lists ratings for many positions of power including the president of the united states who currently ranks a low C+ rating which translates to someone who isn’t supportive of the marijuana legalization movement at all.


Trump on marijuana legalization for medical use

Much like with the recreational side of the United States cannabis law, Trump has openly admitted to not wishing to have any influence on each what each state wants or needs for medicinal marijuana. Though he has said on several occasions that he thinks all Americans should have access to cannabis for medical reasons, as the president he is doing very little to make US citizens believe that, many of which still sit with no access to a completely safe medical alternative due to state law.

Trump on hemp legalization

On December 20 of 2018, President Donald Trump along with the Senate and Congress put forward a bill that officially legalized hemp production. It was introduced in combination with the Farm Bill as an enhancement to the agricultural sector in the United States. Hemp is a species of cannabis that does not produce the same cannabinoids that cause the psychoactive effects one would expect from a marijuana product, and instead is used in the production of fibrous materials, fuel, and food. It will also assist the four states that have already legalized certain cannabinoids including CBD for medical use to have access to a much cheaper product that is made within the country and forced to abide by US food and drug regulations which are much stricter than current suppliers.



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