Can you smoke weed in Canada if you are not a resident

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:01 p.m. ET

What age can you smoke weed?

 If your 19 years of age and have a valid photo ID then yes, you can legally smoke Canadian bud. You will be able to legally buy and possess a maximum of 30 grams of dried flower. Sad to say though, you can’t take any home to the USA with you, that could land you in jail.

Presently in Ontario, you can only purchase your weed online at the OCS, the Ontario Cannabis Store. There are no legal dispensaries open yet. It’s 2019 that will be the year of physical, legal shops. The laws differ from province to province and even between cities. It is a good idea for USA travelers to know the rules of the province or city they are planning to visit. This way you will avoid disappointment at having nowhere that you can physically purchase marijuana. Of course,if you have come to visit any Canadian friends, they can share their weed with you in their house. There are no restrictions for you smoking in a Canadian’s house. Again though, you should do your research as to where you can legally smoke the herb outside of their house.

There is no smoking and driving allowed in Canada. Some provinces have banned consuming cannabis in a moving vehicle, whether you are the driver or not. Check the regulations before you arrive in Canada. That way there are no surprises.

A good suggestion for travelers who wish to partake while in Canada is to come with a designated driver, that way you can have your hands free and not be breaking any rules. Another important thing to consider is that you shouldn’t let your car smell like marijuana at the USA border on the way home.


The USA will not block their citizens from returning home if the customs officer finds weed on you, however, be prepared to pay the legal fee’s. It is illegal to transport herb across the border even if both sides of the border have legalized cannabis. It is much better for the traveler to return and enjoy our Canadian herb again than try to transport it across the border.

If a US citizen arrives at the border and the attending officer smells weed or believes you have smoked a fat one, they can pull you in for a secondary inspection. If the officer does indeed find weed in your vehicle or on your person, you could face fines, be arrested or if you are an alien you could be denied entry back into the States. Generally, those fines could be hefty ranging from $500 to possibly $5000.

There are many options for 420 travels in Canada that will please and accommodate US visitors. Companies offer packages that will provide you with unique opportunities to responsibly consume Canadian marijuana.

I can not stress enough that our US visitors do the research before visiting, a few short minutes of researching the province and the laws surrounding marijuana will only enhance you weed trip to Canada, come and enjoy but be responsible!



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