Why you should buy eco-friendly cannabis (and accessories)

Published Dec 1, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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In the beginning, it was hard to be selective when we had so few options on the market to choose from, but now that we’re shopping in a more mature marketplace with dozens of amazing products, there’s no longer any reason not to have high expectations from all of your favourite cannabis brands. One priority for all consumers should be to buy cannabis products and accessories that are eco-friendly, and here we’re going to unpack a large part of why that is.

What does eco-friendly mean when it comes to cannabis?

Eco-friendly is a warm word that can mean all kinds of specific things, but the general idea is that these are products made with the health of both the environment and consumers in mind. This could mean a cannabis farm choosing to cultivate organic crops instead of using chemicals, or a brand opting for biodegradable packaging instead of plastic. Eco-friendly cannabis should be grown, cured, shipped, packaged, and sold using environmentally friendly practices, products, and materials.

1. It’s better for your health

Eco-friendly cannabis flourishes without the need for harsh and potentially toxic chemicals like fertilizers and seeing as the plants absorb all of the surrounding nutrients and filth, that means only good things for your health. Experience fewer adverse side effects like headaches or nausea, and indulge in the natural
flavours, as you were meant to enjoy them, with eco-friendly products.

2. The planet needs this

We all know the planet is in dire straits. Our waterways are polluted, our landfills are overflowing, and we’re running out of unique and new ways to hide the damage agriculture can often do to the environment, which puts us as human beings in dangerous territory. It’s also bad news for the plants and animals that rely on the naturally existing ecosystems that are destroyed by certain farming and packaging practices. Why contribute to the problem further, when you could choose a brand that cares about the world we all live in?

3. It’ll make you feel good


Whenever you buy eco-friendly cannabis, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done your part for both yourself and our beautiful world. Good deeds are often just enough to give us a mental boost and hope for the future, which are amazing things to feel. Especially when all it takes is making a small decision to shop responsibly.

4. You have the power to usher in change for the packaging industry

Cannabis packaging like that which is found in practically every other industry is highly problematic because it’s contributing to our overflowing trash issue which is bad for the environment and everything that lives within it. All of that plastic piles up, and people just like you can make a huge difference in the sheer volume of this devastation, by opting for cannabis brands that choose to package their products responsibly.

5. Your purchasing decisions impact the future of cannabis

You might be thinking, “what can a single person really change in the grand scheme of things?” When the truth is, you’re a whole lot more powerful than you may believe. As customers make their needs known by purchasing products that are compatible with an eco-friendly lifestyle, the whole industry will quickly take note and make changes to accommodate growing demand for better, more socially responsible practices that will benefit all future generations to come.

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