Sexy cannabis-inspired lingerie lines

Published Jun 5, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Seduction starts with seducing yourself. According to writer and certified sex coach Gigi Engle, being able to connect to your sexuality is a huge turn-on for many partners. So, women out there, give yourself permission to seduce yourself and purchase some hot lingerie. The silky fabric of your lingerie can bring out tactile responses that are pleasurable for both you and your partner. Ladies, let us go shopping. is one of the more popular lingerie brands on the market today. This fashion design company produces sexy lingerie that’s American-made. The company focuses mainly on lingerie and swimwear. Founder Chad Horstman is a US eCommerce entrepreneur is the company's co-founder, which he started in his garage with his brother Evan Horstman. Eventually, the company was sold to Playboy Enterprises.

Helen Kukovski's brand was born from Helen's love of sewing as a hobby. She believes women should not want to ditch the bra as soon as they reach home. Women should instead be comfortable, wanting to remove the bra for other reasons than being uncomfortable. Lingerie, as Helen views it, is a beautiful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Lingerie can help a woman enjoy her body if it feels like a second skin. Your lingerie should always be sexy, and adding cannabis leaves to the mix can only heighten the excitement.

Bra sets

The beauty of cannabis leaves is further expressed when you’re wearing the Don't Leaf Me Bra from Yandy. Look online for this stylish bra set, with vivid green fishnet bra cups that are eye-catching. The weed leaf embroidery is spot on. A well-designed scoop neckline and racerback straps suit all sizes of beautiful cannabis-loving ladies. The thong-cut back matching panties even have a stylish high waist to flatter your body further.

HelenKukovski has joined the cannabis-inspired lingerie line with an introduction to her handmade mesh bralette and panties. Perfectly positioned cannabis leaves are intricately woven to enhance you and the plant for that special someone.


If you are looking for something to complete your cannabis lingerie collection, don't forget a Chemise. A scoop neckline, sheer netted bodice, and racerback straps show your herbal love for the plant. The embroidered weed leaf detailing throughout the chemise makes for an over-the-top addition to the weed-inspired bra sets.



Lingerie comes in all forms, and sometimes, more material is perfect. The Leaf it to Me bodystocking may seem to be too much fabric for a sexy lingerie experience. However, when your body is encased in the sexy bodystocking that features semi-sheer cups, spaghetti straps, and a straight neckline, too much fabric is not at all an issue. The printed weed leaves lingerie is an enticing piece.


A sexy addition to any lingerie line, especially if you’re looking for something cannabis-themed, is thigh-high pot leaf-covered stockings. This product is a popular addition to your weed-inspired lingerie and wearing this piece of cannabis-inspired cloth alone can fulfill the perfect vision for your partner. The contrasting three green stripes at the top of the stocking add to the cannabis leaves positioned individually over each leg.


What lingerie drawer is complete without a teddy? The Rolling Stone Teddy makes a bold, seductive statement. Visually the cheeky cutback fishnet and scoop back designs are eye-catching. The all-over sheer fishnet just screams private seduction.

Final words

Lingerie is sensual, and when incorporated with weed, one can only expect the effects of both combined to take you to a higher level of sensuality. Lingerie is, for some, the perfect accompaniment to an evening devoted to your partner or yourself and weed. Visually nothing looks better than sexy lingerie with the cannabis leaf displayed invitingly for private viewing privileges. To top off the visual show, the person wearing the lingerie is holding your favourite aphrodisiac strain of weed. It doesn’t get better than this!

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