Romantic marijuana related ideas for Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 20, 2019 01:56 p.m. ET

February 14th is coming, if you need some ideas for a fabulous romantic day, you're in the right spot.

A private massage with warm marijuana massage oil, will be a hit for any couple. Nothing feels better after a long hard day at work than a luxurious massage. Picking the type of massage that you want, whether it be deep tissue, Swedish, or hot stone will all benefit with the addition of marijuana. The massage therapist will use a cannabis infused oil or lotion to work those tired muscles.

Your cannabis infused pod like diffuser will be adding to the heady sensual feelings that your partner is enjoying.

Now is the time for you to prepare for the rest of the night. Here are some things you will need to prepare while your partner is enjoying the massage.

Placing your marijuana condoms close to the bed right on the night table will be fine. Marijuana condoms are not really made of marijuana. The condoms apparently taste like cannabis, an added bonus for those who like the taste of marijuana. Amsterdam is a provider of marijuana condoms and because of legalities will not allow the shipment of THC across international borders, the company assures us that there is no THC only the taste of weed.

Let me give you a hand in choosing a weed lube for guys. A new collection of men’s lubricant has the proud name of Jack. The company, Altitude Products have released a CBD lube onto the market. The product “Knob Polish” uses CBD derived from the marijuana plant. This lube promises to enhance the intimate experience for you and your partner.

Now you need to pick a wine that goes well with the strain of marijuana you have chosen for the romantic evening.

When picking your edible perhaps a delicious, cannabis-infused cheese will be a great addition to the romantic night.  Remember you will want to go slow with the edibles. Too much and you could spoil the night.

Let’s check that we have everything we will need for your cannabis infused romantic night.

· Sensual massage

· Wine and infused edible cheese


· Marijuana condoms

· CBD lube

· Perfect strain of cannabis

Let’s look at some great strains for your romantic night.

  • Kali Dog: If you are feeling anxious perhaps about your performance this strain will help you to relax and ready to enjoy the night.

  • Sour Diesel: This sativa dominant strain with its ability to provoke those sensual moments enhanced by touch will fit in perfectly in any romantic connection.

  • Blue Cheese: Well known for its pain-relieving effects, you might want to indulge in this strain if you plan to get your freak on.

Most people enjoy sativa strains for the energy they can provide.  The increase to the blood flow and the ability to contract muscles makes Sativa a performance enhancing strain.

Now you have everything set for your romantic evening, you can relax and look forward to the February 14, 2019. Remember, for the question, “is marijuana good for sex” the answer is yes, but only in moderation, enjoy.



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