Marijuana's move to the mainstream

Published Mar 10, 2019 01:55 p.m. ET

I'm off to the drug store for my prescription shall I pick up your marijuana? This is now day to day talk. No longer is it an underground activity. Marijuana, for medicinal purposes, has been acceptable since 2001 in Canada. Hello, it is 2019 recreational use is also legal. On the date, October 17, 2018, marijuana became more acceptable to some. It’s just a term for a plant that is used for medicinal or recreational purposes. The addition of its use for recreational purposes is a bonus.

Perhaps the use of cannabis becoming acceptable as a proven aid for medicinal conditions has helped the acceptability of cannabis. The legality has opened the doors for scientific research. The acceptability of marijuana-positive health effects has bought the plant to the forefront of scientific and medical research.

Let’s us look at the medicinal uses that the plant has provided to us. There are numerous medical conditions that marijuana can impact positively on. Here are some of those conditions:

• Alzheimer disease
• Appetite loss
• Epilepsy
• Mental health issues
• Muscle spasms
• Pain
• Nausea

Some conditions that cannabis can provide relief to.

Medical marijuana research has been utilized for years.  It has shown us the medical marijuana positive health effects. Perhaps the legalization of marijuana has prompted Insurance companies to re-look at the deliverance of their policies.

Becoming mainstream has required some of them to move the use of marijuana out of the high-riskcategory. This category includes harmful activities like smoking tobacco. The growing acceptance of marijuana will alleviate the increase in premiums. It will move multiple sectors of business to new heights.

It stands to reason that we should look at some strains for their medicinal purposes.

*Sensi Star Tilray:*The Indica strain is often used for pain, depression, stress, and insomnia


White Widow: This strain is sativa-dominant if stress is this is a good medical choice. It will help lift your moods and alleviate your happy feelings
Is a hybrid great for chronic pain and the management of anxiety

Green Crack: Sativa-dominant great for depression and mood disorders

Tangie: This strain is a Sativa strain perfect for depression and stress
ACDC: This strain is well documented in its ability to relieve pain. It is high in THC, producing relaxation and pain-free happiness

Blackberry Kush: High in THC this strain will aid you if sleeping is an issue

Harlequin: The anti-inflammatory qualities that lie within this strain are perfect for the pain that can be associated with arthritis and the inflammation that accompanies it.

It appears that the legalization of Cannabis is proving to be a hot spot in mainstream prescription medication.

The cannabis plant has many attributes that entitle it to be in relevant when discussing prescription medication. However, talk won’t stop there; maybe it shouldn’t. The recreational aspect of this plant is phenomenal. The more accepting of the cannabis plant people are, the more benefits of this plant will be discovered.

So, while the discussion continues, I will freely partake of the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis!



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