How to host a successful marijuana party

Published Jun 18, 2019 11:20 a.m. ET
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Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, there are all kinds of people who are out there planning new and exciting cannabis parties to celebrate. This is excellent news for marijuana enthusiasts as well as the industry, but it’s a really good idea to take a few precautions if you want the festivities to be thoroughly enjoyed and go off without a hitch. For both your safety and your guests, here are ten tips and tricks to hosting a successful cannabis party.

1. Explain to your guests where and how to smoke marijuana during the party
One of the most critical aspects of hosting a successful cannabis party is setting clear and concise boundaries early on. This will help to keep attendees more comfortable as they will know what is or isn’t ok, and will also help you to keep smoke out of areas that you might not want it in. A lot of people are going to assume that a marijuana party will mean a free for all, so unless you want someone sparking up a joint in your kitchen, be sure to let everyone know the acceptable places to be smoking.

2. Serve a variety of differently dosed THC edibles
If you are hosting a more massive gathering, it might be challenging to predict what type of tolerance all your guests might have, and this is especially true with THC edibles which are known to be more potent and longer lasting. To help everyone in attendance genuinely enjoy their time, it is always a good idea to offer a broad variety of differently dosed edibles that could suit both new and more experienced consumers. A good guideline to go by is 10mg edibles for newbies, and up to 100 mg for more seasoned users, but ultimately what you make and decide to give is entirely up to you. Just know that this will allow all your guests a more personalized experience.

3. Offer plenty of food options that are not enriched with cannabis
Weed munchies are most definitely a thing, and the flow of nutrient-enriched snacks and or meals can help to keep your guests lively and manage their buzz, which allows for a much more enjoyable party. Some of the best options are finger foods like fruit or veggies trays, cheese and meat platters, and other sweet or salty treats. These foods will help to provide attendees with a boost in energy and get rid of those uncomfortable cravings that get the stomach grumbling.

4. Do not combine other substances like alcohol with marijuana
With THC edibles all the rage, it makes sense that so many people jump to trying to combine the substances. The trouble with this is that the effects are much more unpredictable, and the two elements often lead to entirely different environments. Therefore, bar fights are a thing, but smoking session arguments are more like debates and much less scary. If you want to keep things low key and enjoyable for everyone, it might be best to avoid THC beer, or offering any type of alcoholic beverages at your party.

5. Make the event kid free
Cannabis is an age-controlled substance just like alcohol, and to thoroughly let loose at a marijuana party; you will likely need to let your guests know to leave their children at home. If for some reason, you are unable or unwilling to make this type of request, then it is a good idea to avoid foods that might resemble treats that kids know and love like pot gummies. This will help to reduce the chances of any accidental ingestion and keep everyone safe and happy for the festivities.

6. Clearly label all cannabis-infused products
Though we did touch on different doses being offered, a clearly labeled table of THC edibles will always go over best. Especially if you are making several batches of the same treat in different strengths, imagine thinking you are eating 10mg of THC, only to feel 100mg begin to kick in an hour or so later. That type of experience is enough to ruin anyone’s night. To avoid that, small cards that clearly state the strength, serving size, and even strain information can be incredibly helpful for guests.


7. Keep your guests hydrated
We talked about weed munchies, and now it’s time to shift our focus to other common side effects of cannabis like a cotton mouth. Most people who are experienced with marijuana products have at least once felt that horrible sticky, dry feeling that keeps your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth. It can make it hard to talk, eat, and just be comfortable. The best way to avoid this possible side effect is to offer plenty of hydrating beverages to attendees that do not contain any marijuana. Options like water, lemonade, and other real fruit juices will help to hydrate and provide a boost in energy that they will all thank you for.

8. Never leave new or less experienced consumers alone after consuming marijuana products
Quite often, one of the first things that a person who consumes too many THC edibles will do is get sleepy. This might seem like a great time to get them comfortable in a room somewhere and let them sleep it off, but for the first 2-4 hours after ingesting these types of products, it is safer to keep them supervised. You don’t have to leave them out in the open or sit in a quiet room staring at them sleep, but a random and frequent check-in is a good idea. Just in case anyone ends up in a panic and needs your help getting centered again.

9. Help attendees with how to sober up from weed before they head home
Though a good smoking session that never ends might sound like heaven, it’s an excellent idea to stop serving THC edibles and other marijuana products an hour or two before your guests will start leaving. This can help to avoid anyone from having an uncomfortable experience while on the way home and keep you confident in their ability to get there. During that time, fresh air, water, food, and exercise is a great way to get attendees sobered up without them ever, even noticing.

10. Do not allow anyone to drive themselves home from your party
Just like with alcohol, there are some laws and restrictions that can hold both you and your guests liable if they were to get in an accident on their way home from your event. Instead of letting people drive themselves, or find their way home, a good idea to avoid this is to arrange a group walk when possible, where everyone makes their way on foot, and only the party host is left alone once everyone else has made it back safely. If that isn’t an option, then keeping a handy list of bus schedules, taxi, and funds to cover these modes of transportation is always a great idea.

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