How to do vape tricks for beginners

Published Mar 18, 2019 09:30 a.m. ET

Vaping has grown in popularity and with it came an entire industry based around tricks and thick clouds. Tricks that are entertaining and neat to show off when you are looking to break the ice with a new group of people, or just chilling with your friends looking for free entertainment. If you have ever wondered how to do vape tricks like easy smoke rings or an atomic bomb than you have come to the right place.

How to do vape tricks

1. The Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb is an o-ring blown with an additional smoke center that will shoot through the center of the ring making it look like a nuclear bomb explosion cloud. Begin by blowing simple rings. Once you have a large “o” that hovers you will want to put your face right up close and blow the additional small ring in through the center before sucking it all right back in with one large inhale.  

2. Ghost Inhale

A ghost inhale like a small ghost has escaped from your mouth before you suck it back up. This is one of the easiest vape tricks for beginners since it requires the least amount of movement and precision. You will want to take a large draw off your vape pen and push the smoke out of your mouth while not allowing the cloud to entirely leave your lips. The ghost will hover in front of your face with the tail touching your lips until you inhale the whole thing back in.

3. Waterfall

The waterfall vape trick will make the vapor appear and act like water as it flows from a bottle. To do this trick, you will need one small or medium sized bottle. Glass or plastic will work. Fill the bottle approximately one inch with water and freeze it to get the effect. Once it’s frozen solid, you can place it onto a table. Take a large draw off of your vape pen and blow the smoke slowly containing it all within the bottle. When you pick up the bottle, you can pour out the smoke just like a liquid into a bowl or your hands or whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

4. Blowing O’s

These easy smoke rings are one of the most popular vape tricks for beginners. Easy smoke tricks like this one can be accomplished by anyone and perfected with time. Begin by taking a long haul off of a vape pen holding as much as you can in your throat. Keep your tongue placed at the bottom of your mouth as far towards the throat as possible. Now you will want to create an o with pursed lips. To force the smoke outwards into o shapes you will need to push small defined bursts of air out of your mouth. The best o’s will not be blown and will be pushed out using pulsating throat movement which produces the most definitive o’s.

5. Tornado


While a tornado is one of the easiest smoke tricks for beginners, it is almost impossible to produce with an average vape pen as it requires a thick heavy smoke to create the effect you are looking for. Begin by scoping out a flat,clean surface. Take a large inhale from your vape and gently blow it onto the flat, smooth, smooth surface. It should gather in a puddle shape. Now take your hand palm down and run it along the table about ¼ of the way through the smoke puddle. Now flip your hand palm up and lift your hand quickly ending in a fist like you have thrown something over your shoulder. This will produce a spinning twirling tornado that is sure to impress your friends.

Best vapes for smoke tricks

When doing smoke tricks, the vape setup you use is just an important as having the skills to complete them. Not all vapes are created equal. When vaping for entertainment purposes something equipped with a sub-ohm tank will produce some of the thicker clouds of smoke which will magnify the effect. If you are going to attempt this list of smoke tricks than you will want something powerful equipped with a mod that may be heavier than a small pen but will produce much heavier dense clouds that are easier to manipulate. The best vape for smoke tricks will be user-friendly, and long-lasting.

1. Smok Alien

The best vape for smoke tricks is a mod. The SMOK Alien is a large and somewhat bulky mod that comes equipped with a 220W powerful piece that produces the thickest clouds while also maintaining optimal ohms, watts, and volts. Making it perfect for vape tricks for beginners.

Link to Purchase- www.vaporfi.com/smok-alien-220w-tc-starter-kit.html

2. Innokin iSub Apex

The Innokin is a bit smaller and slightly more affordable and has been rated the best e-cig of 2018. The iSub Apex tank is used by both beginners and more experienced smoke entertainers. It is powered by two 0.5-ohm heater coils and features a peak performance of 30 watts on average. It is designed specifically for creating dense easy to manipulate clouds that are much heavier than an ordinary vape pen will produce.

Link to Purchase- www.vaporfi.com/starter-kits/



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