How to conveniently fit CBD into a busy lifestyle

Published Jun 17, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET
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CBD oil benefits can be achieved in several different ways, but some of us are limited in our access to particular products or knowledge of what they will do for us. CBD can help to relieve the symptoms caused by anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, acne, epilepsy, insomnia, glaucoma, and so much more which has made it one of the most popular products on the market for health this year. If you are wondering how you could use CBD products, especially if you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for more traditional methods of consumption or carrying bottles of oil than you are in just the right place. Here are 10 ways that anyone can fit CBD into a busy lifestyle, including some relatively new and exciting options that have yet to garner much attention from the media.

10 Unique ways to fit CBD into your daily rush to help keep you motivated

1. CBD pills
CBD pills are CBD oil that has been encapsulated for a tasteless and smell free option. They can be made in any strength needed and require no preparation to use.

When to use CBD pills
CBD pills can be taken at any frequency that suits your own discomforts, but in general, those who use these CBD products daily will take one 2-3 times a day. Either just before or immediately after meals to avoid an upset stomach.

How to use CBD pills
CBD capsules can be taken like any other pill form medication, by swallowing them whole with a sip or two of water.

Why you should use CBD pills
CBD pills are a healthy, efficient, taste free, smell free, and require no special gear or other ingredients to take, which keeps them discreet as well. CBD capsules are excellent for those who are treating symptoms that are occurring throughout the body, as they will evenly distribute the effects over an extended period.

2. CBD edibles
CBD edibles are infused food dishes that contain any type of CBD ingredient. They can come in many shapes and forms, including candy, brownies, and even thick, rich, and luxurious gravies.

When to use CBD edibles
CBD edibles can be enjoyed at any time of day or night, and there are no specific limits on how much any one person could or should consume. Instead, the basic rule of starting low, and slowing upping your dosage over time is recommended. They will not affect your motor function or ability to safely operate motor vehicles, so the timing of dosing should be symptom related.

How to use CBD edibles
CBD edibles can be enjoyed just like any other delicious snack or food. At work, on a walk, at home, and pretty much anywhere else you would typically eat.

Why you should use CBD edibles
CBD edibles are discreet, personalize, and a whole lot of fun to create. Their effects take longer to kick in but will also last much longer than inhaled methods of consuming CBD products. One of the most significant benefits to CBD oils is that they can be infused with almost any kind of CBD product, so it isn’t necessary to buy a bottle of oil as long as you have access to fresh hemp flowers.

3. CBD inhaler
A CBD inhaler is a CBD infused liquid that is placed under pressure and stored in an inhaler device.

When to use a CBD inhaler
CBD inhalers can be used at any time and are perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

How to use a CBD inhaler
Uncap the tip, give it a shake, place the mouthpiece to your lips, and press to release a CBD infused mist that will help to melt away symptoms like pain, lack of appetite or fatigue. They are also used by those with breathing issues that are caused by inflammation in the throat.

Why you should use a CBD inhaler
CBD inhalers will not dry out, are durable, and come in taste free and enhanced options to suit almost any palette. They are super discreet and can last for nearly a year, keeping your relief safe and fresh for when you need it.

4. CBD vaporizer
A CBD vape can take many different shapes and forms and may require liquid, wax, or other concentrates on functioning depending on your model.

When to use a CBD vaporizer
Since CBD vapes are filled with a watered-down CBD liquid, they provide a microdose of cannabidiol that can be taken throughout the day. This allows the consumer to maintain a certain amount of CBD going into their system and provides the option of using depending on the severity of your symptoms.

How to use CBD vaporizer
For beginners, a prefilled disposable vape might be your best option, as it will give you the experience to test out for an affordable price. However, those who would like to use a CBD vaporizer full time should investigate refillable or pod models that allow for a much more frequent refill at a fraction of the cost. Some vapes are pressure triggered, so you just must inhale to start the flow of vapor, but others require no more than a push of a button which releases a cloud that is ready to be inhaled.

Why you should use CBD vaporizer
When the vapor filled with CBD is inhaled, it is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately, which provides fast, easy to control, and effective relief of symptoms.

5. CBD hemp flower
Hemp flowers are the product of hemp plants that are similar to those buds from cannabis plants without the psychoactive element THC in any substantial quantities.

When to use CBD hemp flower
Hemp flower can be more time consuming to use if you want to make it into another product, but if you are ingesting it as is then it’s an excellent supplement for any time of day or night.

How to use CBD hemp flower
Hemp flowers can be smoked, make into concentrates like wax, budder, oils, and CBD edibles, or ground up and thrown into smoothies.

Why you should use CBD hemp flower
This is an excellent option for smokers who are trying to cut back or those who enjoy the act of smoking, but they work just as well for anyone willing to take the time to create a more concentrated product. Which could be used in capsules, edibles, vapes, dab rigs, or joints.


6. CBD oils
CBD oils are typically made with CBD along with some other edible carrier oil like coconut.

When to use CBD oils
CBD oils can be taken anytime and anyplace, but they do come in higher concentrations, so it’s a good idea to track how high the doses that you are consuming measure up to. It can be taken in the morning to boost energy levels, before a meal to increase appetite, or right before you go to sleep to help with insomnia.

How to use CBD oils
CBD oil can be taken via dropper orally as needed at any time day or night. They can also be added to brewed coffee or tea, juice, and used to infuse your favorite goodies, turning them into CBD edibles.

Why you should use CBD oils
CBD oil is a highly condensed CBD concentrate, which is more useful for those with more severe symptoms to treat.

7. CBD tincture
CBD tinctures are a liquid that contains both alcohol and CBD oil.

When to use CBD tincture
CBD tincture should not be taken before driving or operating a motor vehicle, as the additional alcohol content may impact your ability to do so safely.

How to use CBD tincture
CBD tinctures can be taken on their own, mixed into cream and balm, or added to cocktails for a healthy boost.

Why you should use CBD tincture
Some people find that there are some benefits to consuming these two elements together, as the alcohol can help to sooth pain immediately while the CBD goes to work on the painful and inflamed areas for longer-term relief.

8. CBD chewing gum
CBD gum is just like any other gum, with two exceptions. The first is most CBD product making companies have body health as a number one focus, so more natural ingredients are added. The second is the infusion of cannabinoids.

When to use CBD gum
CBD gum can be chewed while you are at work, on a bike ride, out for a job, shopping, and almost anywhere else you can think of.

How to use CBD gum
CBD gum is chewed, which triggers a slow release of CBD oils from within the gum.

Why you should use CBD gum
CBD gum is discreet, flavorful (or flavorless if you prefer), and is often made with other healthy ingredients and supplements which can contribute to your daily diet and energy levels.

9. CBD cream
CBD cream is a topical product that is made up of a combination of CBD oils and nutrient-rich lotions that are good for the skin.

When to use CBD cream
CBD cream is applied topically, which makes it, so only a small amount of the CBD is absorbed in the blood. This is the least efficient way for you to take CBD if your symptoms cover a broad area of the body, but for spot specific pains, aches, and irritations they work perfectly.

How to use CBD cream
CBD cream can be rubbed as often as needed on the problem area to relieve minor skin irritations, inflammation, pain, itching, and more.

Why you should use CBD cream
CBD cream is the only way to treat specific areas in the body that are hurting or uncomfortable. All other methods of ingestion will evenly distribute the CBD throughout the body. These CBD products also tend to be enriched with nourishing oils and lotions like cocoa butter, vitamin c, vitamin e, and even soothing eucalyptus oils which can offer additional relief from painful symptoms.

10. CBD lip balm
CBD balms and lipsticks are explicitly made for application on the lips.

When to use CBD lip balm
CBD balm is perfect for dry, chapped, cracked, or inflamed lips, so it’s great to use as both a treatment and preventative measure as needed.

How to use CBD lip balm
Apply to the lips as much or as little as needed to either treat or stave off painful symptoms from dry or injured lips.

Why you should use CBD lip balm
CBD balms and lipsticks can help to tighten the lips, moisturize, minimize the size of pores, and help to heal common skin irritations like cold sores.



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