How to combine cannabis and mindful living to improve your life

Published Jun 5, 2019 01:40 p.m. ET
Credit: Kerkez

If you’re getting bored of the same old things or are looking for a good idea for an activity after your next big smoking session, then you’ve come to just the right place. Though scientists have yet to confirm why cannabinoids like THC can provide this type of enhancement to experiences, these are the top 6 activities that can be enhanced by getting high first according to firsthand accounts from consumers right around the globe.

Cannabis and meditation

One of the very first historical references that we have today for the use of marijuana is a biblical text that refers to cannabis and meditation as a combination sometimes required to reach true spiritual enlightenment. Though we can’t say for certain that smoking some ganja will make you any closer to god, we do know that it helps to soothe, relax, and stimulate the mind. Therefore, so many people who use sensory deprivation tanks are more likely to hallucinate after consuming cannabis, and the reason that marijuana use can help to improve your achieved state of meditation. Slowly drift away and try out the ultimate relaxation technique for yourself.

Cannabis and exercise

There is a strong connection with how fast your blood pumps, and how quickly THC is absorbed into your body after it’s been consumed. As you begin even the most minimal workout, your heart will beat at a faster pace. This combined with less oxygen when you run out of breath is enough to seriously amplify the rate at which cannabis is able to be felt, and can help to enhance a workout by speeding up the time, relaxing sore or worn out muscles, and giving you a boost of dopamine which can help you to finish the task at hand. Though we don’t recommend smoking or eating marijuana while competing, cannabis and exercise can complement each other quite nicely in moderation.

Cannabis and reading

Have you ever been so stoned that you got lost in a stellar daydream? Though you don’t necessarily require cannabis to feel this way, the reason for the vivid dreams is that the brain is still hard at work. Even while you feel relaxed and almost asleep, the blood flow to the cerebral cortex of the brain increases after the introduction of marijuana, which can help you to get lost in a whole new world that you never before would have thought was possible while wide awake.


Cannabis and entertainment

If you have ever gotten high and then gone from a dark space to a light one, you would have noticed that it takes forever for your eyes to adjust to the natural light rays from the sun. This is because marijuana has the side effect of eye dilation. It widens your pupils, which in turn makes you more sensitive to bright lights and sounds. This can be annoying when you happen to be in a loud subway or street, but in front of a big screen, it helps to amplify the visual effects. Since cannabis makes dim lights seem brighter, every explosion, fast action move, or high paced police chase will have you on the edge of your seat, as it feels almost like entering an entirely new reality. If you have never watched a good movie high, then we highly recommend that you try it.

Cannabis and nature

As mentioned before, marijuana use does enhance the way that lights, colors, and sounds look and feel. There is no better place to get touch with mother nature, than out on the deepest trails you can find with a big fat joint in hand. It will help to stave off the exhaustion, aches, and pains, while also making colors of the leaves, birds, water, grass, and almost everything you find outdoors feel more vibrant than ever before.

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Cannabis and mindful living

Marijuana and mindfulness seem to easily fit hand in hand, as most cannabis consumers claim an innate connection with life. Though there is no hard evidence to back up this theory, it is believed that the psychoactive cannabinoid THC can help you to be more aware, attentive, and in tune with your surroundings which translates to anyone who might be standing near you. Pot enthusiasts also tend to live greener lives, since their focus is on more natural life hack methods, it makes sense that they are also more aware of the consequences of their actions on both mother nature and surrounding neighbors. Though you don’t want to use marijuana to offend your neighbors, it never hurts to extend the metaphorical or literal peace pipe while connecting with other people in the community. Not only will it help you to relax while talking to strangers, it can also help to smooth over some of the first uncomfortable silences that are sometimes exchanged between folks who are just meeting by giving you both something to focus on, and making everything that is said just that much more enjoyable to hear.



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