How to gauge how high you are

Published Feb 13, 2019 12:49 p.m. ET
Ever wonder "how high am I"?

Have you ever felt the need to rate your highness? Maybe you’ve somehow gotten high by accident, eaten a special kind of brownie or other kind of edible someone left out without knowing. You might have breathed in an excess of second-hand smoke and are worried. Maybe you’re just curious about keeping track of your degree of highness. If you’ve ever contemplated this here is a list of the stages of being high:

How to assess your highness:

• This is the beginning; you know that there is a slight feeling in your head but nothing that is over the top.

• You enjoy the heady feeling and now know that you are high and perhaps now is the time to take another hit

• You are feeling elevated now, those euphoric feelings are returning like the last time you smoked, you know for sure that you are high

• Level 4 is a pretty high stage, you know that your perception has changed and that strain you picked is kicking in to give a wonderful cerebral effect

• This is what I call level five. You may ask your friends “how high am I?” Your body is feeling the effects wholeheartedly. Your’ having a bit of a problem in keeping your thoughts focused. When speaking with someone who is not high you know for sure that they have figured out that you are high. Being on level five can be a good level. You might be smiling and staring off into space.


• Level 6, you are stoned. Your eyes are heavy, and the couch could be beckoning you to melt into it. However, if you are not a regular smoker or perhaps this is your first time relax. You may feel that your thought patterns have started to change and concentrating could be an effort. This level could be the zoning out level. Its fine enjoy the ride.

• Level 7 is what I refer to as baked. Who cares what you were supposed to be doing today? Doing nothing with cerebral thoughts is just fine. Newbies may need to chill out at this level, or perhaps hit the cupboard for munchies.

• The 8th level could have you losing touch with reality, things may not make sense, but you keep on smiling. However, the next moment everything makes sense, and the universe is perfectly aligned.

• 9th level is not where you want to be, you’ve had too much. You may have eaten those delicious edibles during level seven and smoked a potent cannabis strain. You need to take yourself off to bed. You will be fine in the morning, no hangover.

Let’s look at the symptoms of being high. Red eyes are a definite sign. When you mix those red eyes with poor coordination, you could be exhibiting symptoms of being high. Your delayed reaction times and that voracious appetite might give it away. That tenseness you were showing a few minutes ago has gone you are relaxed. Sadly you could experience abrupt symptoms of panic or hallucinations.

If you have wondered what to do while high wonder no more, take a stroll through the park. Nature and cannabis make a great partner when out hiking on the trails. Music sounds better, try relaxing in a comfy chair and putting on some headphones. If you have gotten high by accident don’t worry, no one’s ever died from too much marijuana. However, much you’ve consumed, it will wear off.



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