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Published Dec 14, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Do you have a ‘hard to shop for’ cannabis lover on your Christmas list this year, and if you do, are you finding it hard to come up with ideas that go beyond the average weed pipe? If so, then this might be the perfect place for you. It can be difficult to find a store or head shop that carries everything in one place, but with Grow Daddy, the process is easy and the options that are available are nearly limitless, so we thought we’d give a shout out by highlighting some of the fantastic finds that can be found at

1. Start-up Kits

Cost: $59-$499

Whether you are looking for a fast and easy hydroponic grow set-up or need a good full line of nutrients to prop up this year's crop, Grow Daddy has it all, including high-quality tent and light kits, value starter kits, hydro grow kits, and the perfect beginner's bundles.

2. Grow tents

Cost: $39.99-$1300

Every grower could benefit from a grow tent, and if you want to give away one of the best brands this season, then you need to check out the selection from Grow Daddy. Here you will find some of the biggest brands in the business including Mars Hydro, Unit Farm, Black Box, and Gorilla, and for those that want the biggest bang for their buck rather than a name brand, they even have a budget section full of options to choose from.

3. Grow lights

Cost: $15-$899

Grow Daddycarries so many incredible grow light brands that you can always find a good deal on a high-quality brand. Choose from a vast library of energy-efficient LEDs or take your growing to the next level and check out the HIDS, HPS, and halide options instead. If you already have a trusty light and just need a bulb replacement, they’ve got you covered there too, with every type and size that you could ever imagine.

4. Grow systems

Cost: $5-3800

Why not give the gift of a green thumb this Christmas with a ready to grow system that comes with everything that you need to learn about how to grow marijuana? Pick from a colorful selection that includes auto-pot, current culture H2O, Hydroponics, Aeroponics grow systems, or if you prefer, shop the cloning and propagation accessories like pots, trays, and reservoirs.

5. Climate control

Cost: $7-$200

Every marijuana plant will do best when it’s provided with the ideal environment and a significant portion of that is maintaining the temperature, CO2, air quality, water intake, airflow, soil quality, and humidity in a grow tent or room. As you try to do that, tools and accessories like fans, exhaust systems, soil, water, air testers, and humidifiers can definitely come in handy and Grow Daddy offers all of that and more.

6. Plant nutrients


Cost: $20-$379

Plants like any living thing require essential nutrients just to survive, but we always do better with a healthy boost of the above and beyond the minimum requirement. If you have a friend who is struggling to get their marijuana plant looking healthy, then the best gift you can give this year is the perfect solution to all their woes. Grow Daddy carries base nutrients, bud enhancers, root enhancers, maintenance and control kits to tackle specific problems, and basic nutrients systems, so no matter what their struggle, you can come to their rescue this Christmas.

7. Post-harvest

Cost: $5-$579

If the friend on your list this Christmas is about to, or just successfully pulled off their crop, then you might want to check out the post-harvest section of Grow Daddy’s website. There you will find all of the tools that any cultivator could ever need late in the season including pruning, and trimming tools, drying racks and machines, extraction kits to make hash and oil, and vaporizers so that they relish in the spoils of their hard work with the healthiest hit possible.

8. Grow accessories

Cost: $2-$120

Most growers enjoy spending a great deal of time with their plants, and science
proves that this calming interaction can even help a marijuana plant to flourish, but there are some potential risks to be wary of if you spend too much time hanging around in a grow room and Grow Daddy online offers a comfortable range of stylish and effective brands of gloves, masks, apparel, and eye-protective glasses that can help to keep you safe while soaking in the beauty of the plant’s natural growing cycle this winter.

9. Lifestyle

Cost: $2-$1400

The lifestyle shopping category from Grow Daddy is one of the most affordable places to start for those who need a simple budget-friendly gift that’s geared towards the consuming aspect of growing. Here you will find neatly arranged gift bundles that are perfect for the holidays, alongside vaporizers, safe storage solutions, raw papers, rolling tools, and some of the best stoner apparel on the market today.

10. Clearance

Cost: $1-$800

The clearance section of the Grow Daddy website is an incredible mish-mash of everything listed up above with one special difference, which is that everything there is priced to sell with discounts ranging from 40%-80% of market price, so be sure to check-in for the hottest deals on cannabis-related goods for the best chance of scoring a steal of a deal this Christmas.

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