Five talented and successful people who smoke marijuana

Published Mar 3, 2019 01:09 p.m. ET

As many of us already know, not everyone is comfortable with being open about using cannabis, particularly those who under the media spotlight. Until recently marijuana’s illegal status left many of those who openly used it under a shroud of judgment. Since stoners are far too often stereo-typically portrayed as lazy and unmotivated, to help to prove that societies taboos couldn’t be more wrong,we are bringing you five incredibly talented and successful individuals who love their herb just as much as you do.

1. Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa is famous for his rapping skills but is also incredibly talented at singing, acting, songwriting, and growing marijuana. Wiz has always been openly passionate about weed and has even designed his world-famous strain called Khalifa Kush. His company KhalifaKush Enterprises was founded in 2015, and its sole purpose was to provide his personally created cannabis strain to several US states. In 2018 Wiz released an official statement to announce his partnership with SupremeCannabis Co. to bring all his companies’ products to the legal marijuana market in Canada. He has made millions off his unique flair and branding and is a marijuana advocate icon amongst many of the youngest generations that are currently involved with cannabis culture.

2. Michael Phelps

Michael is retired and currently holds the world record for achieving the most medals ever in the history of the Olympics. Phelps won a total of 82 medals during his time as a competitive swimmer between 2002 and 2016 smashing the previous record which was set all the way back in 1972. Though most of his fans know him for his competitive side, Michael experienced some pretty significant repercussions when a photo of him smoking a bong was leaked to the press in 2008. He was banned for three months from competing but despite that still brought home 6 more medals. Michael also holds an incredible 26 Guinness World Recordsmost of which were set during his many intense competitions. After retiring, Phelps came clean about his marijuana use to his fans and is now a marijuana advocate who is fighting to remove cannabis from the Olympics current list of failing grade drugs.  

3. Lady Gaga


Gaga is most famous for her unconventional and provocative style as an actress, singer, and songwriter. She studied at the NewYork University Tisch School of Arts before engaging in the music scene. Def Jam Recordingscanceled her contract after only six months of recording, but not before Akon recognized Lady Gaga’s potential and helped to pave the way for a joint agreement with both Interscope Records and KonLive Distribution in 2007. In 2008 she released her first album that was followed by four more studio albums, three compilation records, one film soundtrack, and 29 hit singles. The PokerFace superstar has always been open about her cannabis use even going so far as to tell the Morning Show in 2013 that she needed to be high on weed to be creative. Gaga reportedly began using marijuana after an injury for pain relief which led to her current appreciation for it’s more unique recreational uses, and now admits to smoking weed anywhere from 15-20 times a day.

4. Bill Maher

Maher is a television host, political commentator, and stand-up comedian who is most famous for his television series RealTime with Bill Maher on HBO. Bill received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010 and is an open supporter of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use as well as animal rights and same-sex marriage. He often uses his show to touch on more heated taboo topics including criticizing the mass media, religion, corporate welfare, politics, political correctness, and bureaucracy. In 2017 Bill went so far as to base an entire show around a uniquedefense that used states and charter rights as a tool in an argument for marijuana becoming legal. Though he has hardly done enough to be considered a real advocate for cannabis, Maher has always enjoyed a little green to relax and has been a successful media icon for the last 40 years while doing so.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna’s fame and fortune came from her beautiful voice and talent in choreography. She is a singer, actress, and songwriter who was officially discovered in 2004 when she signed a contract with recording label DefJam Recordings who helped her to release two albums over the next two years including A Girl Like Me and Music of the Sun. Both reached the top ten spots on the US Billboard 200 which launched her career forward making Rihanna a total of 260 million USD between 2003 and 2018. Some of her most popular tracks topped charts worldwide for 6 months or more after they were first released including Love the Way You Lie featuring Eminem, We Found Love, What’s My Name, Umbrella, and Unapologetic. Rihanna wasn’t a huge player in the cannabis culture scene until 2008 when she rolled a giant blunt on the bald head of her security guard for everyone to see. Since then she’s been open about her love and use of marijuana, even publicly admitted to wanting to cut down a bit, proving that even the world's most powerful and successful women enjoy a little herb now and then.



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