Five documentaries about cannabis that every stoner should watch

Published Apr 22, 2019 01:36 p.m. ET

With all of the official yearly 420 celebrations so close we can almost taste them, it seems like the perfect time to roll out some educational, funny, serious, and relatable documentaries that focus on marijuana use prohibition, and the changes that society has faced up till this point which hindered the establishment of the legal marijuana industry. If you are looking for something to get you in the mood to celebrate just how lucky we all are to have access to legal weed, then you should check out these five cannabis documentaries that every stoner should watch at least once.

1. The Culture High 2014

From the award winning creators of The Union comes this in-depth look at the war on drugs including the perspective from some of the world’s most high profile cannabis industry advocates including Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, Wiz Khalifa, Richard Branson, Rufus Hound, Ed Burns, B- Real, Graham Hancock, and many more. The film also features archived footage of some of the world most influential instigators of the war on drugs, and how it affected the citizens throughout history who have always enjoyed marijuana use despite its once illegal status. An eye-opening look into the history and evolution of the cannabis industry we all know today.

2. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High 2007

This documentary features Brett Harvey who investigates the highly profitable dealings of cannabis between the United States and British Columbia. It also touches on how the goal of the war on drugs which was to eradicate illegal drug dealers and gangs, and how prohibition helped those very same individuals the government claimed to want to stop for years. With speakers like Tommy Chong, Steve Bloom, and Marc Emery it’s certain to resonate with marijuana users all over the world today.

3. Grass 1999


Another documentary that focuses on the war on drugs in America featuring some of the most hilarious and outlandish marijuana propaganda released over the last 50 years by the government. The purpose of the creation of Grass was to display a comedic approach that cannabis user’s all over the world could relate to, remember, and laugh about while also discussing some of the tragedies including the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the decades of prohibition being enforced.

4. Weed the People 2018

This brand new documentary is a breath of fresh air that is meant to de-stigmatize marijuana use with a hyped up, liberal, and progressive documentary based on those who have been affected even today, despite numerous studies and facts that prove the plentiful benefits that the cannabis industry offers consumers today. This openly minded documentary is entirely fact based but holds a comedic flair that will have you crying, laughing, learning, and confused all at the same time.

5. Hemp Revolution

Though this one isn’t marijuana use based per se, it is just as critical to the evolution of the cannabis industry since prohibition extended beyond weed plant’s and also made illegal the growing of hemp which was once a bustling industry. This documentary touches on the confusion between the two plants, when those mistakes were recognized, and the pressure that the Canadian and American governments faced once they realized their ridiculous mistake.



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