Eight celebrities that endorse high profile strains of cannabis

Published Feb 19, 2019 03:58 p.m. ET

Often we follow celebrities we respect and admire while hoping that they might be a little more like us after all. While most of us are not accustomed to the glitz and glam of the red carpet or swarms of paparazzi following our every move, we do often have slightly less exciting things in common like smoking marijuana. Snoop Dogg, cannabis advocate and weed connoisseur has openly smoked pot for years. Gene Simmons and marijuana seem to go together so well that many don’t even realize that he claims not to smoke at all. This list goes on with many loved celebrities endorsing high profile strains. Here you will find the most extensive list of celebrity-endorsed strains and where you can buy them to try out yourself.

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg cannabis advocate and open stoner is one of the most well-known celebrities to endorse some high profile strains. He has an entire line of cannabis products all his called that is called Leafs by Snoop. Snoop Dogg couldn’t just choose one and lists several favorites including Private Reserve OG, Herijuana Girl Scout Cookies, All Saint’s OG, and Amy Winehouse.

Where to buy from Snoop Dogg’s Product Line: https://www.leafsbysnoop.com

2. Tommy Chong

Since a time when marijuana was criminal and being touted as dangerous, there has been Tommy Chong. Normalizing and starring in films that helped to change societies views into what they are today. While Chong doesn’t seem to have a favorite strain he can name, he does endorse and carry three unique strains from his own line of cannabis products which include Grape Stomper, Blue Dream, and Durban Haze.

Where to buy from Tommy Chong’s Personal Line: https://chongschoice.com

3. Bob Marley

Every stoner out there should know who Bob Marley is and if you don’t, then you are likely too young to be here. Bob Marley is one of the of the most iconic advocates for cannabis users who also maintained a lucrative career as a talented singer and songwriter until his tragic passing losing his battle to cancer. While he is no longer with us to give any updates to what his favorite cannabis strains would be, he often spoke fondly of Lamb’s Bread which was once the most popular marijuana strain in all of Jamaica.

Where to buy Lamb’s Bread: https://wwaznaturalselections.com/products/lambs-bread/

4. Whoopi Goldberg

She may not have been one of the most open about her cannabis use in the early stages of her career, but when asked Whoopi Goldberg has no problem telling the masses her high opinion of medical strains. She carried a marijuana product line geared towards women with products designed to alleviate symptoms felt from PMS and menopause. Her most endorsed strain is Platinum OG, and it got that place by offering some of the most soothing effects alongside a higher than average dose of CBD in a high THC strain.

Where to buy from Whoopi Goldberg’s Product Line: https://whoopandmaya.com

Where to buy Platinum OG: https://budderweeds.com/shop/ounce-special-platinum-og-2


5. Tragically Hip

A Tragically hip marijuana endorsement was long overdue with the band making several appearances as advocates for both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. In May of 2017, the band announced a partnership with Up Cannabis which is a licensed medical marijuana producer and vondor. There are now five strains with Tragically Hip song inspired names including 50 Mission Cap, Morning Moon, Gems, Eldorado, and Grace. While this endorsement certainly has some financial incentive, the band remains vigilant in their claims of personally using and enjoying every strain before contract signing.

Where to buy Up Cannabis Products: https://up.ca

6. Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys marijuana strains of choice also appear to be at least partially financially driven. The Trailer Park Boys have teamed up with Orani Gram to design and sell pre-rolls, dried herb, and Trailer Park Boys merch like grinders and T-shirts. The strains they endorse are all carried and sold through the licensed marijuana producer and includes both of the boy’s favorite strains including Solei, and MedReleaf San Rafael 71.  

Where to buy from Trailer Park Boys Product Line: www.trailerparkbuds.ca

7. Gene Simmons

The famous icon from Kiss was actually an anti-weed advocate at one point in his career. While he still maintains the stance of being anti-drugs his opinion of cannabis has softened. Gene Simmons and marijuana appear to be on the same side as he is now an advocate for medicinal use and even approves of occasional recreational use while endorsing cannabis strains that hold medical value, particularly those high in CBD. His public endorsements are only of strains carried by Invictus MD Strategies Corp and includes 23 strains that have all been sourced from the Netherlands.

Where to buy from Gene Simmons Endorsed Invictus: https://invictus-md.com/

8. Wiz Khalifa

One of the most high profile strains that comes with a celebrity endorsement is actually named after artist Wiz Khalifa and is called Khalifa Kush. Most high profile strains come about by happy accident, but this one was bred and designed specifically for Wiz Khalifa to use himself before it became popular and sold on the web. By clicking the link below, you will also find an extensive selection of 420 friendly gear alongside some of the best kush you will ever try.

Where to buy Khalifa Kush: https://khalifakush.com/



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