Do’s and don'ts of bringing cannabis or infused products to parties

Published Mar 3, 2019 02:04 p.m. ET

We know what you’re thinking, weed at parties has been a thing for so long it seems almost backward to start changing how we do things now. What many don’t realize is that though there was always that one group of individuals who could be found out back smoking up, now the cannabis scene has changed to include more potent products including edibles, infused alcohol, and THC infused drinks. Now that weed is legal there are rules and regulations you should always abide by on top of just basic etiquette that should be followed to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. Here are a few basic things to remember before heading out armed with some marijuana-infused brownies to share.  

1. Know the crowd

While it is safe to assume that if you are invited to a party, you likely already know the host you may not be privy to the guest list. Before settling on what you are planning on bringing to the party, it’s best to inquire with the host or glance over the guest list if it’s available to make sure it’s a 430-friendly event. If you know the crowd and see that they are all safe folks to bring cannabis around than you are probably safe. If not ask the host to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

2. Label the goods

No matter what kind of cannabis product you decide to supply for the party you should always be sure to label them. A big sticker with a pot leaf is obvious and easy to find. If you don’t have one available write in large lettering for adults only or marijuana products inside, so there are no mistakes that leave a guest in a position, they would prefer not to be in.

3. Bring a THC free option

Unless you are celebrating cannabis holidays (like April 20 aka 420) than chances are there will be at least one or two people present who may prefer not to partake. Bringing a THC free option will help them to feel included and allow them to indulge in some goodies without worry. For example, if you are providing a batch of cannabutter cookies bring a second batch that is free of any additives. Make sure they are packaged separately and clearly labeled to avoid any confusion.

4. BYOW (Bring your weed)

We all recognize that cannabis-infused goods can get expensive and time-consuming to make, but that doesn’t get you off the hook for bringing some fresh green of your own to contribute. Unless you plan on skipping smoking sessions altogether while opting just to consume edibles, it’s a good idea to bring a little extra green to add to a smoking circle. Not everyone likes edibles, and most folks don’t take kindly to someone who has nothing but still wants to smoke. A 420 event doesn’t mean the host is responsible for covering your buzz. Be considerate and BYOW.

5. Have a designated driver

Much like with alcohol, if there is marijuana or THC infused products being consumed by guests, it is always a safe idea to select a designated driver before heading out. Cannabis does impair your cognitive functioning, and if you are caught driving under the influence, you could potentially face jail time, a license suspension, or a hefty fine. Play it safe and have a designated driver before you begin to partake.

6. Respect personal space


This one works in a couple of different ways. The first is respecting an individual's comfort zone. Just because someone is smoking a joint that doesn’t mean that they are ok with having smoke blown in their face. Always blow your toke away from any group or individuals as much as possible. The second way you should be respecting personal space of the folks around you is by ensuring you aren’t lighting other people's joints or touching any of their possessions which could mean weed, a grinder, a coat, or just about anything they brought along with them. Always ask permission first.

7. Consume within your comfort zone

When it comes to weed at parties, it is easy to lose track of just how much you have ingested. If you can’t remember, then it may be a good idea to write it down. Save it each time you pick something up in your phone notepad to give you an idea. Even if that doesn’t necessarily help you at this party, it could help you be more aware of your limits at others in the future. If you start to feel overwhelmed make sure to let the host know, and don’t feel bad if you need to leave before the party is over. Once you reach your limit the safest place for you is at home in bed to sleep it off.

8. Be careful when mixing

Weed at parties used to be a simple joint or bong that was smoked the old-fashioned way. Nowadays cannabis-infused alcohol is making a frequent appearance at parties around the world. Even when you don’t find marijuana-infused liquor, you are still likely to see both alcohol and cannabis available at adult events. You may be able to handle them both quite well separately, but the experience of consuming them together can be overwhelming and not enjoyable, even for the most seasoned users. If you are mixing marijuana and alcohol, it’s best to start in small amounts to gauge how it affects you personally. One person may take it well and make you feel a little too comfortable assuming you can as well. Every single person reacts differently, so it is a good idea to focus on your tolerance levels instead.

9. Ask the host questions

When you know the crowd, you may feel like you have a good idea of what to expect when attending a marijuana-friendly event. While that will give you a good idea of what you could bring that would be most suitable what it won’t do is set up any clear boundaries. It’s always a good idea to ask the host questions like where it may be appropriate to smoke or where THC laced edibles should be stored. Many hosts may have children, pets, or parents at home whom they would prefer to keep away from the festivities. Ask what rooms everyone can access and where specific activities like smoking should be taking place to avoid an awkward moment later on.

10. No peer pressure

When you see someone else in attendance of a cannabis-friendly event, you may want to assume that they too enjoy it just as much as you do. The thing is that you might be mistaken and just like parties with alcohol who have attendees who prefer to stay sober, weed at parties should be approached the same way. Do not expect everyone present to take part and if someone politely declines an offer to consume than move on. Peer pressure is the number one reason so many folks end up with a bad first experience with marijuana. Not only is it incredibly rude but it could also be potentially dangerous. This also means stepping in if you witness someone else who may be experiencing some form of peer pressure. Do the right thing and let people party the way they feel most comfortable.

Where you can legally use cannabis

Asking the host for designated areas will help you to navigate where on a personal or private property you can smoke, but it doesn’t help you with laws that govern marijuana use on public property. Many public parks particularly those meant for families have completely banned smoking cannabis. After checking with your host, be sure to read up on any local bylaws that may prohibit or limit your smoking. This, of course, will depend on where the event is located but where you can legally use cannabis is defined by each district, so if you plan on smoking in an area new to you, it’s best to know the rules to be safe.



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