Do you know which province smokes the most weed in Canada?

Published Mar 6, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET

Statistics show that as of last year the consumption of cannabis by the age group 18-34 was 41% in Canada. The national estimate of money spent on Cannabis for medical and non-medical reasons is around $5.7 billion.

Nova Scotia has the highest place in terms of which province in Canada uses the most marijuana. They use 27.1 grams per person per year.

The other side of the country did not quite make first but proved a close second in the consumption of cannabis. British Colombia reported per person 24.60 per grams of cannabis consumed. Alberta’s consumption was a close third at 24.08 grams

Generally, the assumption through-out Canada was that British Columbia had the highest marijuana consumption in Canada. But statistics prove that conception to be false, the beautiful coastal province of Nova Scotia apparently has the biggest weed smokers.

The provinces and territories that seem to use the least cannabis are the Northwest Territories coming in at 15.30 grams and Nunavutat 13.62 grams per person.

Saskatchewan hit the third lowest, their consumption rate was 16.37 per person.

Overall Canada and her people enjoy 21.10 grams of cannabis per person yearly.

Statistics on how many people smoke weed by province

Perhaps you were wondering which province has the highest population of marijuana users, here is the list according to government agencies responsible for collecting these statistics in Canada.

• Nunavut: 33%
• NWT: 27%
• Yukon:23%
• Nova Scotia: 21%
• PEI 19%
• Ontario: 18%
• Newfoundland: 18%
• New Brunswick: 17%
• BC: 17%
• Alberta: 16%
• Manitoba: 15%
• Quebec: 11%
• Saskatchewan: 10%

This list seems to indicates that there is a small number of people who are doing most of the consuming of the cannabis plant.

Let’s look at the statistics that Canada has comprised in the first six weeks since legalization, on October 17, 2018.


These numbers represent the sales of legal marijuana per capita and province.

British Columbia equal to $0.69
Saskachtewan equal to$1.29
Ontario equal to $1.54
Quebec equal to $2.53
Alberta equal to $4.53
New Brunswick equal to $6.87
Newfoundland & Labrador equal to $8.17
Nova Scotia equal to $11.34
PEI equal to $13.83

Perhaps low numbers, especially when looking at British Columbia, could be attributed to the dispensaries that were distributing illegal marijuana.

It is clear that the Atlantic provinces were better prepared for legalization - a large factor being the supply of cannabis that was available on October 17, 2018.

We have looked at the statistics on what percentage of Canada smokes weed, now let us look at five of the most popular searched for strains in Canada.

Blue Dream: A sativa dominant hybrid, full-bodied effect will keep you happy and relaxed

White Widow: A hybrid great for energy and euphoria, perfect for stimulating conversations

GSC: A hybrid with great relief for pain, appetite loss and nausea

Great White Shark: A strong indica strain great for chronic pain, produces a quickly felt body stone

Pink Kush: An indica-dominant strain, over-powering for some, small doses only required

Remember to use marijuana responsibly and enjoy!



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