Do I need a medical license now that it is legal?

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:32 p.m. ET

 Marijuana became legal in Canada October 17, 2018. However, you still need your medical marijuana license to obtain medical marijuana from Health Canada. The possession of medical marijuana and its use have different rules than that of recreational weed. Production and sale of medical marijuana are regulated by the federal government.

Getting a medical marijuana card

The only way to purchase medical marijuana in Canada is by phone or a federally licensed producer online. When ordered using the phone, the delivery method is secure mail.

You may apply for a license from Health Canada if you want to grow the weed yourself.

Benefits of owning a medical marijuana license are plentiful. With a prescription, you are legally entitled to use marijuana. You will be able to process and use it after you are approved. Medical marijuana is proven safe with next to none of the side effects that opioids or anti-depressants exhibit.

You can write off your medical cannabis on your income tax; this has been in effect since September 2015. Your marijuana must have been purchased from a Health Canada approved licensed producer and you must possess a valid prescription.

Traveling with weed

If you are flying within Canada, you may travel with your weed. It must have been purchased from a licensed producer locally, in Canada. Usually, you will have no problems, hold on to your receipts for proof of purchase though, just to be safe.

A huge benefit of tracking where you buy, is that you will know what is in your weed. It will be listed on your packaging. Your marijuana will be free of pesticides or fertilizers often found in non-regulated weed.

Accountability is a great benefit. Your licensed-producer is accountable if the order is not correct or if the count is short. Some producers have a return policy also.

Health Canada will continue to provide medical marijuana even after Oct. 17, 2018. This procedure will be assessed after five years.

Disadvantages of a medical marijuana license


There are some negative attributes to having your license. You may only purchase through a licensed producer.  You will have to pay a fixed price. If at any time, there is any disruption in the delivery system it will affect the patient not being able to access their medicine in a timely matter.

How to apply for a medical license

When applying for your license, you will need to provide Health Canada with some details, your name, date of birth, address where you had your physician consultation. Your doctor will need to provide a daily amount for you to consume. The doctor will also have to produce his or her name, license number, business address, province that they are licensed in and if required any other administrative information.

Conditions that are warranted for marijuana to be used medically include but not limited to, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD  glaucoma, muscle spasms, Crohn's disease, and many many more ailments or conditions.

 After you have received your license, you will be able to carry 30 times your daily dose but no more than 150 grams. At any time you can be asked for proof that you have legal medical marijuana on your person.

However, you choose to consume your cannabis be it a joint, blunt or even edibles, remember to be responsible. Enjoy!

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