Delight Taste Buds At Your Super Bowl Party with Cannabis Sodas and Perfectly Paired Snacks

Published Feb 8, 2023 11:30 a.m. ET
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Create the Ultimate Party Munchie Menu

Take the Super Bowl to the next level.  Celebrate the big game this year with friends, delicious drinks, and tasty classic snacks. No matter which team you’re rooting for, we've got you covered. Cannabis beverages are a great alternative to alcohol; and just like with cocktails, carefully selecting party munchies with soda flavours will delight your taste buds and make for a memorable experience to share with your besties.

Super Bowl Munchies

The impact of cannabis on taste buds can be quite profound. If you’ve ever had “the munchies” then you know that even a small amount of cannabis can turn ordinary snacks into a flavour sensation. Having a wide snack selection to pair with delicious cannabis sodas means your Super Bowl guests can explore their favourite flavour mash-ups. Don’t be surprised if your friends enjoy imaginative combinations they might not normally enjoy without the magical ingredient of cannabis!

Creating a Balanced Flavour Profile

Cannabis consumers can be both open to trying a wide variety of flavours, but can also be quite particular about the combinations they like and dislike. In order to please all of your party guests, it’s best to create a variety of smaller appetizers versus putting all your snacking eggs in the same basket. Whatever your preferences, providing a balance of spicy, sweet, salty and textures will allow your guests to experiment and find the delectable combos that work for them.  

Orange Soda

Zèle’s Orange Sativa craft soda is the perfect sweet citrus flavour to mix with savoury appetizers. Pair this sweet classic with some Super Bowl snack favourites like wings, fried chicken, all-dressed chips, veggies, or if you’re a licorice fan, try adding Twizzlers. The cherry and strawberry flavour is a fantastic pairing reminiscent of a Shirley Temple.

Lemon-Lime Soda

With a burst of lemon and subtle undertones of lime, Lemon-Lime Soda has both a sweet taste and a sour citrus kick. BBQ and spices are a great match with the sweet yet tart flavour of lemon and lime. Snacks like beef brisket, classic BBQ chips, salted peanuts or tacos are great snack pairing options.

Source: Zele

Vanilla Cream Soda

Take your guests on a nostalgic throwback with a sweet and smooth cream soda that has a special twist. Bring your Super Bowl guests back to simpler times by pairing the classic, sweet flavour of Vanilla Cream with delicate flavours of baked treats like oven-fresh pie, cookies, cake, or pastries. Gummies are also a great option. If you are going for a fresher, healthier take, try a fresh fruit parfait.


With a taste reminiscent of old-school root beer, Zèle’s Sarsaparilla Indica Soda is a classic that doesn’t disappoint. Try pairing this bevvy with classic burgers and fries. For next-level Super Bowl hosts consider adding a few scoops of your favourite vanilla ice cream to offer your guests a deliciously chill Super Bowl float.

Super Bowl Pairing Party

While we’ve offered a number of fun snack and cannabis craft soda pairings, their combinations are literally infinite. Consider planning your own Super Bowl pairing party where guests can experiment and get weird; each person has their own taste preferences and with the addition of cannabis flavour-enhancing properties, there are endless possibilities to mix and match for extra-added fun with friends in between cheering for those touchdowns!



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