CBD Beauty products

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:40 p.m. ET

 No, you will not get high with this beauty regime, but you will look amazing. CBD oil is legal in Canada providing the product you order is 0% THC. You can order online from anywhere so long as they meet the government’s requirements. Any product with CBD oil will not make you high. There is no psychoactive ingredient (THC) in CBD products.

Cannabinoids, specifically CBD and THC are produced from different parts of the marijuana plant. THC comes from the flowers of the plant, while CBD is produced and then extracted, from the entire plant.

The restorative qualities in CBD are a sure-fire way to treat your whole body. Choosing to include CBD in your daily beauty regime is becoming more and more popular. CBD has anti-inflammation properties along with essential fatty acids. It also has vitamins A, D, and E, all of which are fantastic for our bodies.

If you’re wondering how good CBD oil is for your skin, then you should know that there is evidence that those suffering from skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis find benefits in the anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties. Those that suffer from aching joints might be interested in using rubs for the relief of swollen joints. CBD oil appears to aid in reducing swelling, something that could explain the increased interest that is coming from athletes in training.

Let's talk about some of the products available.  CBD facial oil, when applied to the face with a facial roller will make you feel like you have come from the spa after receiving a facial, it’s amazing. It’s never too early to moisturize your face. CBD oilis a natural moisturizer. CBD is often part of anti-aging skin products. These products will help reduce fine lines. After a few days at the beach or years at the beach, skin damage may be apparent. CBD can aid in the repair process of your skin. While we are on the topic of moisture repair, let us not forget our lips. There are some wonderful lip balms that are CBD infused. These balms will render your lips moist and luscious. Try using the CBD cannabis oil for an extra layer of protection from the elements.


There are 21 known amino acids; cannabis oil contains all of them. Omega-3 and Omago-6 are both essential fatty acids needed for our skin. These acids help ward off negative elements that can affect our skin. Some ailments that CBD can help with are sun exposure, dry climates and of course UV. The antioxidant contained in the CBD oil is even more powerful than Vitamins C, E, and A.

You might ask, can it help me with my wart or even my moles? These are skin conditions that CBD oil has also been used to control or obliterate. Some believe that CBD oil can effectively control potential skin cancers like melanoma.

Choosing to use CBD in your weekly beauty regime has proven to be beneficial for our bodies. Women have reported seeing an overall improvement after 2 weeks of using a product containing CBD oils. Smoothing of those fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth were also noted. Another great improvement to the skin was the overall texture. If you’re considering trying CBD oil beauty products, you should give them a shot, after all there’s nothing to lose, at worst they might just not work for your skin.



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