Cannabis and gaming - A combination perfect for fighting off the winter blues

Published Jan 2, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you are in Canada, then chances are it’s pretty cold outside right now, which leaves very little to do, especially for the stoner who wants to toke while they have fun. Luckily, thanks to an influx in technology, most households have some form of device that can be used to play games, and even if you can’t afford a flashy system, you can grab up a Pi mini-computer for less than $100 and be ready to play any of the games that we touch on here and more.

Awesome games that pair nicely with cannabis

It is impossible to cover different games from every single platform, so those that are included here may or may not be available on your device of choice. However, most of what is listed below are available across more than three different platforms, so chances are you can try them out on either a game system, computer, laptop, phone, or tablet.

1. Mario

Mario is an all-time classic that is difficult to beat, and despite its low-quality graphics, there is nothing quite like a spin down memory lane with a blunt filled with your favorite weed strains. Duck into tunnels, ride a Yoshi and go on the ride of your life no matter which version you manage to get your hands on.

Available for: Nintendo platforms and Pi computer

2. Halo

Go on a shooting spree that requires patience and precision while teaming up with close friends or strangers from all over the world. At this point, there are currently six different versions of Halo, including the newly released Master Collector’s Edition, which is available for the brand new Xbox One, and perfect for old fans of Halo Reach who love levels like Boardwalk, Swordbase, and the short-lived abilities like armor lock.

Available for: Xbox and PC

3. Minecraft

Build a world that only you could imagine or head to an online server to have a blast with friends. This way you can toke together or alone while you plan like an architect and survive like a pro in a world filled with zombies and plagued with other evil creatures such as the Enderman or newly introduced bees. Just be careful not to go out at night, or you might find a bit of paranoia slip in as you peer around every corner waiting for the next challenge to jump out at you.

Available for: Tablet, Android, PC, and Xbox

4. Fortnight

Fortnight is a relatively new hit that has made waves with both the young and the old, as new gamers learn a much more advanced version of what older, more experienced ones might be used to. Enter a virtual world with every man for himself, or team up with some friends. This game is perfect as it runs on short 10-20 minutes stints, which leaves plenty of time for smoking weed between sessions.


Available for: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

5. The Sims

If you haven't heard of the Sims or are new to gaming, then this slow-paced and long-lasting option might be perfect for you. Grow an entire town starting with only one person. Watch your virtual children grow and go off on their own as you work your way up the corporate ladder and build up the mansion of your dreams. All while maintaining the ability to pause at any time for a quick toke or some delicious munchies.

Available for: PC, Xbox, and Android

The best weed strains for gaming

The best weed strains for a successful gaming session will help you by improving focus, relaxing, and quickly passing the time. A hint of creativity here, and a dose of chattiness there, and you've got the perfect recipe for a really fun time. Whether you are alone, or with some good friends, these weed strains are sure to assist by enhancing the overall experience.

1. Gelato
The Gelato strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that offers well-balanced effects that can relax and improve focus.

2. Blue Dream
The Blue Dream strain is a couch locking, sweet-scented weed type that offers a high THC content that can make hours pass in the blink of an eye.

3. Mimosa
The Mimosa strain is perfect for beginner gamers as it is known for enhancing creativity and sparking appetite while enhancing awareness and improving mood.

4. Forbidden Fruit
The Forbidden Fruit strain is an Indica, but its effects align more with what most consumers might expect from a purebred Sativa. Its taste is sweet, just like cherries, and its effects are slow and creeping, allowing you to maintain focus while igniting a sense of creativity that is perfect for building games like Minecraft.

5. Death Star
The Death Star strain is a potent combination that is not recommended for beginner consumers, but it is perfect for well seasons users who want to fully immerse themselves in a virtual interactive experience. Just be careful not to smoke too much of this one, or you might fall asleep partway through a vicious competition.

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