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Published Aug 26, 2019 11:15 a.m. ET
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International Church of Cannabis Mission

The church members use the practice of smoking weed as a way to offer a home to all adults, in which to discover a creative voice and the best version of themselves possible. They do all of that while also attempting to enrich the community with the results of their creativity.

The religion claims no authoritarian structure, no divine law, and no questionable doctrine. The belief system of the International Church of Cannabis is that there is no need for a person to convert to Elevationism. Using rituals and spiritual practices identifies the members of the International Church of Cannabis as Elevationists.

International Church of Cannabis gladly accepts donations to keep the dream alive. The dream encompasses the belief that cannabis consumers deserve to have a spiritual home and that the church continues to be an international symbol of religious freedom.

Members are always welcomed at the International Church of Cannabis. The doors to this church are always open and are accepting applications for new members. When you become a member, you can enjoy the benefits of meeting beautiful and awesome people. You will also be granted and enjoy priority access to the International Church of Cannabis space.

The facade of the International Church of Cannabis has received a breathtaking mural painted by the legendary street artist Kenny Scharf. The fantastic artist partook of the sacrament and then painted the breathtaking mural and left within 24 hours.

Cannabis Weddings provide a captivating colorful venue for loving couples along with their guests to participate in celebrating their nuptials.

The International Church of Cannabis proudly welcomes all of those who use cannabis in their daily spiritual practices. There are no issues with religious upbringing, cultural heritage, and the country of their origin for a member attending this spiritual building.

The Hours of Operation for the International Church of Cannabis

The church is open to the public on :

Monday through Thursday from 1 pm to 1.45

Friday Saturday, Sunday Noon to 5-45pm

During these hours there is no consumption of the herb allowed. The church, however, does allow the touring of the property. The breathtaking views will have you taking incredible pictures for you to view later, perhaps while smoking weed with your new Colorado weed pipes.

There is a restriction on commercial photography; it is not tolerated.

The BEYOND Experience: This service is a guided meditation along with a laser light experience


Monday to Thursday 1-2pm.

Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm

Showtimes start promptly at the appropriate: 20 past the hour. The last show commences at 5:20 pm.

There is no cannabis to be consumed during the BEYOND Service.

More on the International Church of Cannabis

The International Church of Cannabis headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado and was established on April 20, 2017.

Smoking a weed pipe or other forms of inhaling cannabis is not permitted in public while in Colorado. Following this law, there is no consumption of cannabis when the church is opened for tours for the public to view the fantastic building.

The "sacrament of cannabis" celebration is reserved for members only regular Friday night service in the church. The use of weed pipes is reserved for this time. The church does not sell cannabis.

Legally on the federal level, Elevationism is protected under the constitutional religious freedom act. This, however, is only applicable so long as Elevationism is regarded as an authentic religious belief.

The day of opening for the church was the day that Dan Pabon, a Democrat in the Colorado House of Representatives proposed the banning of cannabis within churches. The results were not in his favor, concluding that this would be an unconstitutional restriction on religion. His proposal was turned down and never formally introduced.

Whatever your religion or spiritual believes are, The International Church of Cannabis promotes a safe and spiritual place for members. Members can enjoy smoking a weed pipe during the members-only Friday night service.

If you are ever in Denver, then we highly recommend that you take the time to visit the church, but there is remember no partaking here.

Cantheism  A religion centered around marijuana


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