A guide to cannabis friendly Airbnb locations

Published Feb 22, 2019 01:35 p.m. ET

The aim of a marijuana friendly Airbnb is to provide amenities for their guests. The owners of the Airbnb are not providing their guests with cannabis, but are listing their properties as 420-friendly (allowing smoking of cannabis in their units).

If you have an Airbrb, you should consider listing your property as Airbnb 420 friendly.


The market for 420 Airbnb is an untapped market. Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada the need for 420 units is part of the budding market. Finding a unit that allows smoking today is not easy. To throw cannabis into the mix adds to the problem.

Can I smoke weed in my Airbnb?

A question being asked more and more, especially since the legalization of cannabis on October 17, 2018, in Canada. People want to know if Airbnb etiquette will involve the smoking of the herb in the rented unit.

Gone is the need to hide paraphernalia. The owner of the unit may be a marijuana user themselves. No longer will the owner have to hide their weed accessories. Airbnb hosts can feel comfortable renting to other marijuana smokers.


Smoking can cause damage to the hosts unit. Smoking cannabis or tobacco can leave odor, soot and in some extreme cases cause fire damage to the unit.

The host will have to be mindful that the smoke from the cannabis will leave an odor on the fabric materials in the unit. Careful maintenance to ensure that the unit does not smell is needed. An added expense but perhaps a necessary addition to the unit is the addition of an air purifying ionizer.


Tips for finding a 420 friendly Airbnb

The following sites are 420-friendly:

  1. Bud and Breakfast
  2. The Travel Joint
  3. TravelTHC
  4. Canada High Tours

Be responsible when using Airbnb units. The rules of cannabis consumption change from country to country and different states throughout the world. It is your responsibility to know the laws of the country that you are in, regarding cannabis use.

Some popular Airbnb locations:

Alaska: Private Alaska Wilderness Cabins
• Location, Soldotna Alaska
• Private cabin
• Cannabis provided by the host
• Smoking permitted outside
• $99-$350 per night

California: Redwood Yurt
• Location, Occidental, California
• Surrounded by redwoods on a private hillside
• The Pacific Ocean, eight miles away
• Smoking permitted inside and outside
• $185 per night

Washington: PotLeaf Treehouse at Mountain Views
• Location, Monroe, Washington
• This is an actual house in the trees that sleeps two
• Outdoor showers and hot tub are available for your use
• Cannabis can be smoked inside or outside the home
• The host will provide vaporizer if requested
• $225 per night

Hamilton Ontario Canada: Cannabis friendly condo
• Located in Hamilton’s historic International village
• This unit offers a luxurious and safe environment for you to smoke your cannabis
• Smoking is permitted in this unit
• $99 per night

If traveling is in your near future and cannabis is as well, check out a 420 friendly Airbnb, they are waiting to provide a safe,private environment for you to indulge in cannabis. Remember to always find the rules and laws surrounding the use of cannabis in the areas that you choose for your travels outside of Canada. As always, indulge responsibly and enjoy!



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