5 Reasons why cannabis lovers look forward to Spring

Published Apr 24, 2023 09:03 a.m. ET
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Spring is finally here, and for cannabis enthusiasts, this means it’s time to celebrate! As the warmer months creep in, there are so many reasons for consumers to get excited about this season. With everything from cannabis-friendly activities to events, the growing season and so much more on the horizon, it’s not hard to see why so many eagerly await the arrival of Spring.

Here we’ll highlight five reasons why the cannabis community is buzzing at this time of year.

The perfect weather for cannabis-friendly activities

As it gets warmer outside, opportunities for cannabis-friendly activities to happen suddenly become almost limitless! With so many consumers anticipating the chance to indulge while enjoying the fresh air by doing things that weren’t appealing all winter long like hiking, biking, or even yoga it’s no wonder enthusiasts love it so much. To them, Springtime means relaxation, and another chance to reconnect with nature.

Spring growing potential

If you’re one of many who grow cannabis outside then Spring is sure to lift your spirits. As the days are suddenly longer and temperatures become milder, cannabis plants have more access to sunlight and a better chance of surviving. Even those who aren’t looking to get a head start on cultivation so early in the season are increasingly anticipating the bountiful harvest that’s just around the corner.

Summer is coming

When the milder weather of Spring comes to an end it’s followed by the hottest months of the year. For many cannabis lovers, Summer is the starting point of the outdoor growing season. So Spring is when growers get excited about preparing for it by selecting seeds, stocking up on tools and essentials like nutrients or fertilizers, germinating, or buying or starting clones to get them properly established in time. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the fruits of your labor come to fruition.


Cannabis events

Springtime offers great weather for travel and outdoor consumption spaces which is likely why this season kicks off the beginning of a flood of amazing cannabis events like expos, conferences, festivals, and parties. This season delivers the perfect temperatures for enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the plant, so there’s almost always something fun going on for members of the cannabis community.

Spring cleaning

It’s probably not the most glamorous or exciting reason on this list, but spring cleaning is a traditional part of the season, and that is especially true for cannabis consumers. It’s the perfect time of year to get those smoking devices clean and ready for use as you’ll have the chance to use heavy-duty cleaning solutions in comfort outdoors where the fumes are much less irritating. This big job might also include organizing related tools and accessories, as it’s a great opportunity to declutter and make sure everything in your collection is in order before Summer kicks off.

The spring season is an integral time of both renewal and growth, which is perfect for cannabis enthusiasts. With everything from cannabis happenings to growth potential, it’s a great time for the community to light up and bask in the warmth of the sun.

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