10 of the hottest cannabis apparel brands of 2019

Published Aug 10, 2019 10:12 a.m. ET
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Since legal marijuana was introduced in Canada nearly a year ago, it has become much more socially acceptable to openly admit being a cannabis enthusiast. Demand for stoner gear has skyrocketed and to answer that brought about some pretty fantastic designers and brands that have built an extensive repertoire of fashionable cannabis clothing pieces. We, as consumers, have the pleasure of sifting through thousands of different options with a few clicks of a button. Here, we will highlight just a few of the best and most popular lines of 2019.

1. O-Cannabis Apparel

This Canadian based cannabis clothing line covers both women and men’s T-shirts and ball-caps. Choose from a funny and smart range of art which includes genuine Canadian apologies, hockey and beavers to hockey team logos. Though selection may be limited in retro or stereotypical pot clothing colors and images, what you will find is a nice variety of options that are perfect for any setting, including family functions and bar night.

Where to buy: https://o-canabis.com/

2. UP

If you like to support a local business that chooses to be more active within the community, then you will have the urge to check out UP, who played a significant role in the founding of Global Cannabis Partnership. This cannabis clothing line includes jean jackets, bomber coats, soft pullover hoodies, toques, caps and funky iron-on patch kits. If you are looking for something more discreet that will be widely recognized by those in the cannabis community, then UP could be the perfect style for you.

Where to buy: https://up.ca/

3. Toronto Hemp Company

The THC is located in the heart of southern Ontario and has played a massive role in the cultural shift within the area. The best part about this brand is, you can cover all your related needs and keep them matching. With products choices that range from cannabis clothing like T-shirts, socks and toques that feature the company logo front and center, to all of the different weed accessories that you could ever need like grinders, lighters, scales, containers, bongs, pipes, candles, rolling machines, papers and vaporizers.

Where to buy: www.torontohemp.com

4. Fire and Flower

This Calgary based cannabis clothing brand extends far into all related products. At Fire and Flower, you will find nothing but the highest quality t-shirts, ballcaps, toques and socks for both men and women. The deep sleek color scheme used makes these pieces easy to mix and match with any outfit. While you’re there, you might also want to check out their stylish weed accessories and products, including cannabis oil, dry herb and branded bottle openers, papers, cleaning tools, grinders and pocket vapes.

Where to buy: www.fireandflower.com

5. Delta 9 Cannabis

Delta 9 is a widely accomplished licensed producer, but their modern line of cannabis clothing has been picking up steam this past year. With everything that you need to stay sleek and sporty for the rest of the summer, alongside some warm winter coats, hats and mitts for the winter. You will find something for every occasion and season from the Delta 9 cannabis brand. Looking for something a bit more than your average t-shirt? Then you might want to scroll over to their smoke or tools section that features some of the best vaporizer, pipe, bong and rolling paper brands in the industry at affordable prices.

Where to buy: www.delta9.ca/collect

6. Blaze and Leaf


Looking for an online store where you can browse some great clothing without getting distracted by weed accessories? Blaze Leaf does not carry anything other than cannabis clothing. So, if you’re looking for that hard to come by stoner print, then you will likely find one here. With everything from pot pouches, wallets, bags and onesies, to typical t-shirts, hoodies and long sleeve options for men and women. Featuring hilarious stoner sayings and symbols. This well-known American company makes all their products using 100% cotton that is double wrung for added strength and durability, which offers a long life through years of use and wear.

Where to buy: www.blazeandleaf.com

7. Stonerdays

You can find Stonerday merch on Facebook, Etsy, Amazon and at a variety of other third-party vendors. As they are one of the most famous cannabis clothing brands on this list. If you are looking for bright and colorful tie-dye prints with deep and entertaining quotes and sayings, then this one is more for you. You won’t find any dark black or grey options, as the entire line is dedicated to drawing attention to the people wearing it. With a goal to trigger critical thoughts on topics that so often go undiscussed. Here you will find socks, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, ball caps, toques and tie-dye kits to make your very own cannabis clothing at home.

Where to buy: www.stonerdays.com

8. Kush Friendly

This modern and inclusive cannabis clothing line offers the broadest size ranges of any other, and their designs are tasteful while still utilizing the aesthetics appeal of accent colors like forest green, grey, teal, and beige. Kush Friendly is most well known for their eco-friendly manufacturing and materials that hold up well in the wash. While also maintaining the look of whites alongside more vibrant shades that never run together. This brand features nature-based images like trees, plants and the earth, with a simple cut option that suits every body type.

Where to buy: www.kushfriendly.com

9. Cannabis Destiny

This company’s best selling line is called Apartment B’s Collective, and it features boutique styled high-end clothing that is designed with the utmost attention to detail. This one is only for the ladies and includes a comfortable above the clouds sleeveless tank in black, a high tee in grey and a crop top that features Sative in cursive across the center. If you are a loud and proud stoner chick, then you might want to head over to Cannabis Destiny, to secure your favorite bold and beautiful prints before they’re gone. As the available options change quite frequently, you can tune in each week for the latest and most fabulous additions.

Where to buy: www.cannabisdestiny.com

10. Kush Co.

This cannabis clothing brand is one of the largest in the world and can be found in dispensaries and other third party vendors just about everywhere. This line was developed with the goal to empower and be inclusive. It features an urban feel that is wildly popular among enthusiasts. Choose from a wide selection of ball caps, t-shirts and hoodies that will ship right to your door anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Where to buy: www.kushclothing.com

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