10 exciting ways to celebrate this Victoria Day with cannabis

Published May 20, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET
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Now that marijuana use is legal in Canada, there are thousands of enthusiasts who are looking for a new way to celebrate with family and friends that can incorporate a little green into the mix. No matter how you prefer to consume that sweet, sweet bud, you will find something on this list of 10 unique ways to celebrate this Victoria Day with cannabis.

1. Explore some nature trails

Whether you like to smoke good old-fashioned cannabis rolls like joints or prefer a more elegant dry herb vaporizer for your goods, either type of compact or portable smoking device is perfect for taking with you on the go. Plan out an adventure complete with a few different marijuana strains to pick from and a delicious picnic meal to make the day complete.

2. Take in a movie

Almost any kind of movie can be made better with the help of a little cannabis in one form or another, but there are some incredible movies both new and old that would be perfect for watching on the big screen this Victoria Day. Oldies like White Castle, Half Baked, or The Big Lebowski are more challenging to find, but many smaller scale theaters will have late night features. If you’d prefer something newer and more educational and real, than check out the brand-new documentary that was released on April 20th, 2019 called Grass is Greener. Right now, it’s only available on Netflix, so might not be available in theatres, but anyone with a subscription can watch it for free.

3. Fireworks shows

One of the highlights of Victoria Day weekend in Canada is that the restrictions that are typically in place to govern fireworks displays are null and void for those few glorious days. This allows both companies and private individuals to host their fireworks shows right across the country. These kinds of events tend to be crowded, but if you leave equipped with a dry herb vaporizer or some other discrete method of ingestion, you should have no issues getting high which can enhance the experience of taking in a big, bright, and beautiful sky light show.

4. Host a cannabis infused BBQ

Giant Victoria Day gatherings aren’t for everyone, and for those who prefer a smaller scale celebration with just close friends or family, a BBQ can be a great way to do that while enjoying cannabis. Especially if you reside in an area that doesn’t allow smoking marijuana in public. You could throw some delicious weed burgers on the grill, whip up some mouthwatering marijuana infused desserts, and smoke using more complicated electricity required devices like volcanoes with no trouble at all. You can make cannabis as big or small of a feature part of the event as you prefer while offering non-infused options for friends or family who prefer not to partake.

5. Gaming night

Now that smoking marijuana us legal, there are so many companies that are looking to cash in on this brand-new industry. One of them is the gaming industry which offers at least five games across every adult-oriented console out there including Xbox, PlayStation, android, IOS, and so much more. With brand new releases of multiplayer platforms, there is a little bit of something for everyone who wants to host a cannabis based gaming night this Victoria Day. For the hottest new game out there, you might want to check out Weedcraft Inc, where you can grow hundreds of different marijuana strains, sell products, and build up a weed empire inside of a virtual world that is more extensive than any other weed based games before it.

6. Hit up the beach


Though most of Canada has similar restrictions on marijuana use as they do for cigarette smokers, one of the few places that remain mostly untouched is public beaches. The majority of which are open to the public to wander and use as they wish. Though May 24 weekend may not be the ideal time for a swim, this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous enough to enjoy a few tokes while building some glorious sandcastles or working on your tan. Just be sure to practice common courtesy and keep any smoke or vapor downwind from other beach visitors.

7. Check out your local flea market

This might seem like sort of an older folks’ type of hobby, but the truth is that there is nowhere better to find products like dry herb vaporizers, weed pipes, water bongs, and so much more at prices that compete with more established head shops. On long weekends most local markets stay open and host extra vendors who know that attendance goes up and sales will be made. If you want to find a deal on any cannabis consuming devices, this is where you will probably find them this weekend.

8. Have a cannabis party

Though we did touch on a marijuana infused BBQ, a cannabis party is entirely different and tends to be strictly for adults. You can plan a host of activities like a weed burning, a rolling contest, a marijuana smoking device building challenge, edibles, stoner board games, physical challenges, and so much more. The best part is that the sky is the limit. Choose just one or two cannabis based activities, or plan a whole evening dedicated to marijuana consumption. The choice is yours, and the options are easy to switch up year after year to keep things exciting.

9. Stoner board games

If you have never played a weed based board game before than you are in for quite a treat. No matter what type of games you prefer, there will be something to suit your needs. From Weed Jenga, Bong Pong, Smoking Dice, Wheel of Weed, and Strip Choker, there are so many unique and exciting marijuana based games that can help you to bring your celebration to life this long weekend.

10. Pay your local marijuana dispensary a visit

Though it might not exactly feel celebratory until you get home with your purchase and get to enjoy some brand-new strains, a quick visit to a local marijuana dispensary might be just what you need to get in the mood to party this Victoria Day. The best part about legalization is that we now can purchase high quality marijuana strains from highly educated individuals and specialists in their field. If you want a truly unique experience, then check out the elegant displays and professional nature of any local pot shop.

How are you spending this Victoria Day long weekend? Share your ideas and experiences with the rest of the readers at Cannabis.Wiki by dropping a comment below.



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