10 Beer and weed match-ups just in time for St. Patrick's Day

Published Mar 4, 2019 10:38 a.m. ET

Whether you are looking to host a massive party, small scale get-together or avoid the work altogether and and head over to a friend’s house for beer. Knowing at least a few beer and weed pairings is a good idea before you start celebrating.  A good combination will have everyone raving about how great everything tasted. These match-ups work well when making tincture or liquid marijuana (alcohol infused with cannabis) and are even better when consumed separately in their purest forms. Here you will find ten popular types of beer alongside the best weed strains to use them with.

1. Stout
This kind of ale contains both coffee and chocolate flavors that matches up well with a sweet, earthy, or more traditional skunk flavors.

Matching weed strains: *Super Skunk, Orange Cream, Ice, Chocolope, Special Queen, Chocolate Tai, Trinity, Lemon Shining, Speedy Chili, or Chocolate Chunk. *

2. Bock
Sweet savory and sour flavors are present in bock beer, and it pairs well with any cannabis strains that produce the same kinds of terpene profiles.

Matching weed strains:* Crunch Berry Kush, Ripped Bubba, Cookies Kush, Chocolope, Northern Skunk, Kandy Kush, Trinity, Chemo, Woody Kush, and Maui Waui. *

3. Pale Lager
Pale lager is a light earthy tasting beer that can be easily enhanced with the addition of a citrus type cannabis strain.

Matching weed strains:* Lemon Haze, Orange Kush, Headband, Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, Tangerine Kush, Green Crack, Tangie, Agent Orange, Cinex, or UK Cheese. *

4. Amber Lager
Amber lager is full of crisp, clean notes of spiced caramel and toffee and pairs well with an earthy or pear tasting cannabis.

Matching weed strains: *Blue Diamond, Sweet Cheese, LA Chocolate, Fred Flipn Stoned, Blue Cheese, Durban Berry, Jamaican Lion, Wreckage, and UK Cheese. *

5. Dark Lager
Dark lagers give off a very definitive nutty, malty, and caramel flavor and pair well with herbal, spicy, and nut type cannabis strains.

Matching weed strains: *Cookies and Cream, Ingrid, Marion Kush, Pitbull, White Widow, Jerico Haze, Original Glue, GSC, Jack Herer, Hawaiian Snow, Afghan Hawaiian, OG Kush, Hog’s Breath, or Obama Kush. *


6. Pilsner
A pilsner is a light and ambiguous drink that can be matched up with almost any kind of cannabis strain and still taste great, but the best flavors to pair with pilsners will be super sweet or berry flavored.

Matching weed strains: *Purple Kush, FPOG, Blue Dream, Grape Ape, Watermelon, Blue Mango, Cherry Pie, Strawberry Cough, Ace of Spades, Yoda OG, Black Diamond, and Blackberry Kush. *

7. Scotch Ale
Scotch ale has some very deep fruity undertones alongside a malty caramel flavor that works amazingly with cannabis strains that have a fruit based or other sweet profile.

Matching weed strains: *Sherbert, Bubble Gum, Purple Haze, Zkittles, Goo, Cherry Bomb, Alien Rock Candy, Purple Trainwreck, Sweet Tooth, or Strawberry Banana. *

8. Rye
Rye beers are spicy and full-bodied which match up well with cannabis strains that contain more complex sweet flavors.

Matching weed strains: *Cotton Candy, Space Queen, Vanilla Kush, Sugar Cookie, Phantom Cookies, Cannalope Haze, Alien Walker, White Berry, and Birthday Cake Kush. *

9. Porter
This ale contains a light salty roasted chocolate flavor that tastes amazing when it’s used with sour or sweet cannabis strains.

Matching weed strains: *Chocolope, White Dawg, Chocolate Chunk, Bubble Cheese, Monster Cookies, Glass Slipper,and Cream Caramel. *

10. Barley Wine
Barley wine is full of complicated flavors that are spicy, strong, and malty. These ales pair well with cannabis strains with a sour or nutty flavor.

Matching weed strains: Lemon Diesel, Chem Dawg, Death Star, Durban Poison, Nebula, Sour Diesel, or NYC Diesel



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