What to expect from the O’Cannabiz Toronto 2019

Published Mar 29, 2019 12:55 p.m. ET
Canadian Press, Graeme Roy

If you have yet to experience the excitement of visiting an O’Cannabiz Expo then you should consider going this year. The O’Cannabiz Expo is a hot item in marijuana news lately, especially for the more business minded marijuana enthusiasts. If you have tickets already, then get excited, there is all kinds of prospects to come for the next expo which takes place from April 25-27 in downtown Toronto Ontario at the International Centre. Rated the #1 premier conference, O’Cannabiz is a unique gathering of individuals from both the Canadian and International cannabis industries who are looking to network with others as well as consumers. This event is divided into five individual events. Some of which will overlap throughout the two-day cannabis business social network.


You must be 19 and up to attend or purchase tickets to any of the listed events.

Business Conference - Closed to the public

Cannabis Industry Awards Gala- Tables are available by consideration and reservation only at $250 per ticket or $2500 to reserve a full table of ten. The 2019 Cannabis Industry Awards Gala will honor some of the greatest companies and individuals who helped to innovate the market into what we know and love today. As a participant, you will receive the chance to vote for your three favourite selections per each award including Best in the Cannabis Industry, Best Cannabis People, and People’s choice categories such as top voted accessories, and marijuana dispensaries. Though there will be cannabis present at the event, it will not be available for purchase and should not be brought from home.

Industry Expo - Closed to the public


Public Expo - The Grow up Conference and Expo is a massive grower exhibition that includes over 200 exhibitors across 80 000 feet of indoor space. The early bird special runs for $39 which will buy you two days of access to growers who are ready to provide advice and demonstrations on how to grow, harvest, cultivate, cure, and store your own marijuana at home. Are you looking for a job in the cannabis growing industry? If so, then this is an excellent place to make up close and personal connections to employers from right across the world. Find out how the legal marijuana supply is maintained and meet the folks responsible for some of the newest and most innovative technology that has ever been seen before.

Cannabis meets healthcare trade show - Listen to some of the industry’s best and brightest including several world leading cannabis suppliers, growers, sellers, and business people. This is an excellent event for anyone looking to invest, gain capital of their own, or who is simply interested in some of the newest and most unique products that will be hitting the market soon. All the cannabis products advertised here are meant for medicinal use and must be approved for use and sale within Canada to show. Marijuana will not be available for purchase and is not allowed within the facility.

Public speakers list

Ashleigh Brown, Kelly Coutier, Jacquie Court, Dr. Mike Dixon, Lisa Campbell, Neil Dixon, Kelly Beker, Nicholas Chepesiuk, Tania Cyalume, Erin Benjamin, Max Cherney, Laleh Bighash B. Pharm, Tony Chapman, Chris Bolton, Ellen Brown, Jacqui Childs, Shelly Boodram, Nancy Choi, Mike Dacks, Geoff Brown, Melani Chong, Scott Dangondon, Carla Boose, Danya Dixon, Michael Ciardullo, Terry Donnelly, Zack Darling, Rebecca Brown, Sharlene Dozois, Steve Deangelo, Jamie Brassard, Mike Abbott, Ashton A. Abrahams, Narbe Alexandrian, Andrew Adams, Hugo Alves, Thomas Clarke, Carman Allison, Bethan Cornish, Brian Applegarth, Dr. Carlen Costa, Krishna Andavolu, Michelle Arbus, Karen Balderama, Dr. Toby Astill, Cam Battley, Dr. Olga Chernoloz, Erika Christian, Riley Cote, and more.  



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