Weed cost averages by the gram across Canada

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:55 p.m. ET

 Cannabis is legal to use recreationally and medicinally. The biggest questions now for stoners everywhere are how much will weed cost and more specifically, how much does a gram of weed cost? Though one would think that like alcohol, prices would be standardized, this is not the case. The average price for a gram of weed varies depending on your location. With some provinces being up to three times more expensive than others, we decided to look at exact price averages by region with stats used from Statistics Canada.

British Columbia: In BC marijuana is available online and sold through government-approved vendors for $7-$16.50 for one gram.

Alberta: Albertans got access to private retailers as well as an official AGLC government website they can purchase through. The average cost per gram here is $9.25- $15.50.

Saskatchewan: Those in this province can access legal cannabis only through privately licensed vendors who sell dried herb for $13-$19 per gram.

Manitoba: This province licenses a total of four stores which all have pricing set to an average of $12 per gram.

Ontario: The only province to not allow private sales at all offers the OCS website where for $8-$13.50 per gram customers can choose from a variety of legal marijuana choices.

Quebec: This province got the best deal and has a government-run and managed online store as well as three private vendors who sell their dried marijuana products for an average of $5.25 per gram.

New Brunswick: NB’s government is the only legal retailer of cannabis and sells its dried herbs for $18.50-$15 per gram.


Nova Scotia: Marijuana is available through the government in NS who has set prices at an average $6.30-$11 per gram purchased.

Prince Edward Island: PEI is one of the more affordable regions to purchase legal cannabis with an average price range $5.65-$10. Here dried marijuana is sold by both the government and private vendors.

Newfoundland and Labrador: NB was the first province to be able to legally sell cannabis and set a range of $6.80-$15 per gram for their dried pot.

Yukon: Canadian residents living in the Yukon got the worse deal of anyone with the highest prices in all of Canada at $8-$20 per gram.

Nunavut: This region has the broadest range of all the provinces prices with $7-$18 being the average cost of a gram.

Northwest Territories: Residents of NT can purchase weed for $13.10-$17.50 per gram through the government and three different licensed retailers.

So why is there such a large discrepancy in weed cost? When the Canadian government officially rolled out The Cannabis Act, it gave oversight of the selling, distribution, and possession of cannabis products into the hands of each province. With some customers feeling shafted due to their location, the pressure is on for the government to implement a more standardized pricing system. In the meantime, stoners everywhere rejoice over the ability to purchase and pay taxes on legal marijuana. Only time will tell if legality alone will drive out the black market, or if our government is going to have to get more competitive with average street prices to persuade all cannabis users to purchase the legal way.



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