The Red Star is now the largest vape store in the United States

Published Dec 7, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Vaping is a trendy thing these days, and with so many choices of vape juice you can have any flavor you desire, including Red Star’s very own signature flavor! Not to mention, you can also vape your CBD oil as well. Red Star vape is taking the market by storm! With shops throughout the US, they have become the largest vape store around. They have an array of products with prices ranging from high to low so that everyone can afford a great vape experience. Here, we have made a list of some products that they offer both online and in-store.

CBD products available

1. PHX naturals
The disposable cartridge is a good one if you are giving the CBD vape a try for the first time. With a perfect blend of CBD and terpenes and a low watt ceramic cartridge that allows for a full spectrum of flavor, these disposable cartridges come in the following flavors: Blue dream

  • Sour Diesel
  • Granddaddy Purp
  • Tangie
  • Lemon OG
    Note this product does not have any nicotine content

2. PHX naturals unflavoured
This unflavoured juice allows you to add a little CBD to your favorite flavor and works well in any tank and does not affect the taste of your juice. It comes in a 30 ml dropper bottle so that it is easy to add to your vape pen.

3. CBDISTILLERY vape cart
This vape cartridge is pre-filled with both CBD and terpenes to add flavor and comes in:

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Gorilla glue # 4

4. Asmodus Minikin 3 & Smok Baby Beast V2 bundle
The baby beast is a bundle and has everything you need to get started at a low price.made with stainless steel construction and excellent dimensions. This beast will have you vaping immediately. You can add terpenes CBD or both.

5. Hyde Slim disposable pen
This vape pen is another prefilled pen smaller and compact .there are three different flavors available including:

  • Blue Razz
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Mango Ice

6. PHX Natural gummies
These yummy gummies are 99% pure CBD. They come in 5 different delicious flavors, and each gummy has 20mg of isolate CBD and comes with 30 gummies per bottle.


7. Wildlife dog treats
Creating Better Days Dog Treats, have CBD infused treats are suitable for small dogs and large dogs. These treats are 100 % THC free with 150 ml nano CBD which means that these treats are easy for your pooch to absorb. They include 10 mg per treat and have some other super healing ingredients that are all-natural to help your pooch.

8. PHX CBD pet spray
Finally, a CBD pet spray can be put on food paws or sprayed directly in the mouth of the pet for relief from aches and pains that some older pets suffer from. The spray has a peanut butter flavor that most animals enjoy. Note be sure to read the dosage chart before using it.

9. CBD distillery CBDefine skincare crème
Coconut oil-based CBD crème is excellent for dry skin as well as muscle, joint aches. Rub some on your aching area and feel the ease of your pain.

10. CBD Luxe inhaler
The Luxe inhaler brings 1100 mg measured dose, and that is 5.5 mg per piece. Inhalation is the quickest acting way to consume CBD. Although vaping is the most popular inhalation is perfect for those concerned with vaping. The Luxe is the perfect active wellness CBD product.

This is just a small list of the many products that are available at Red Star vapor. They have something for everyone, and it is easy to see how this company is one of the largest vape stores in the US. Red Star vapor was established in 2013, and they are definitely doing something right, as that is a short time to become one of the largest vape stores around with such a wide range of products and flavors.

You can purchase products online or in-store, but they are available for adult use only. Red Star vapor store is working hard to help us keep a sense of well being and balance for both humans and our four-legged fur babies.

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