The advantages of using cannabis materials in energy production

Published Jun 7, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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Our need to find clean and sustainable sources of energy is growing, resulting in many new innovative ideas and approaches. One fantastic idea is to use various cannabis-based materials to create energy in a process that’s both eco-friendly and efficient. The plant may be famous for its many promising benefits for our health and well-being, but it’s now being researched in the renewable energy sector, and so far, cannabis seems to offer several advantages over other alternatives, which means that it could play a major role in paving the way toward a better, brighter, future for our planet and the world.

A renewable and sustainable choice

Cannabis is a fast-growing resource with minimal requirements for water and pesticides when compared to other viable crops that have shown promising results in terms of energy production. With the ability to pull off several harvests in a single year, it’s a truly efficient and sustainable option that could help to reduce our reliability on non-renewable energy sources, while also mitigating most of the negative impacts associated with traditional methods of creating energy

Carbon sequestration and reduced emissions

Cannabis plants are powerful cleaners of the atmosphere with the ability to absorb carbon dioxide as they grow in a process known as carbon sequestration. This gives the plant an advantage over other crops, as it works to reduce greenhouse and gas emissions, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint. By utilizing cannabis we can produce clean energy while indirectly strengthening our efforts to combat climate change.

Biomass energy generation

Cannabis biomass can be used as a fuel in many different processes for generating energy, including combustion, gasification, and anaerobic digestion. It can also be turned into other products like biofuels, biogas, or solid fuels to create a sustainable and reliable replacement for the fossil fuels we rely on so much today.

Efficient advanced conversion technologies

Cannabis-derived materials can be turned into biodiesel and bioethanol which both have the potential to replace most of the petroleum-based fuels we rely on today, most of which are significant contributors to our air pollution problem. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the world of energy production has advanced technology, and it’s able to convert cannabis biomass more efficiently than ever before, making it a compatible, viable, drastically improved solution for the energy sector long-term.


Economic opportunities and job creation

Once we shift to using cannabis-based materials to make energy, it’s going to boost economic growth by creating entirely new jobs, as demand for skilled workers will increase across all sectors from cultivation and processing to energy production. This move may help to stimulate local economies, especially in areas with ideal environments and laws to grow cannabis, while contributing to even further development of sustainable practices, and empowering communities.

Energy storage applications

Many cannabis materials are proven to be promising alternatives to the way we currently store energy, like hemp fibers which can be made into carbon nanosheets that are excellent conductors of electricity. These superconductors can then be turned into electrodes and utilized in the making of batteries and supercapacitors, opening up a whole new world of efficient energy storage possibilities that are also sustainable, and able to improve the overall resilience of our energy systems.

In conclusion

Cannabis offers numerous advantages for a healthier more sustainable and cleaner energy future. From its renewable nature and carbon sequestration capabilities to its wide range of potential applications in the way we make and store energy, it’s an option that’s certainly worth exploring as we continue to look for new ways to achieve a greener, more eco-friendly way to create the fuel we as a society need to function.

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